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Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 Squash Racket

Our price £73.99
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Squash Rackets department.

The Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 has a large head (490cm2) and offers a very big sweet spot and explosive power. The racket is perfect for all-round players thanks to the slightly head heavy balance and was used by ex-pro squash player Wael El Hindi. In addition, the Blackweave material is combined with graphite for extra shock dampening. The 125g (4.4oz) weight, top of the range X-One Bi Phase string and a string pattern of 14x18 ensures the player gets the best hit and the most power for the killer shot first time every time.

Our price £73.99
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Squash Rackets department.

Key features

  • Head Size: 75.95in2 (490cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 125g (4.4oz)
  • Balance: 350mm (Head Heavy)
  • Beam Width: 25mm
  • Length: 27in (68.6cm)
  • String: X-One Biphase 1.18
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • Grip: Matching Tec Dry Squash Grip for ultimate control
  • Technology: Graphite and Blackweave frame composition for ultimate torsional stiffness and power
  • Supplied with 3/4 cover

Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 Squash Racket Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 23 people with average rating of 4.7

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Excellent delivery. Really pleased with the racquet - happy blend of power and control

I wanted a racket that would help me improve and be better than a cheap one from a well known jumble sale sports shop on the high street! What a difference this racket has made and didn't realise how much a racket could improved my game. I only play once a week and at a beginner level. I would highly recommend this racket to anyone.

Good racket, value for money, have noticed my game has improved quite a bit with this racket. Would buy again.

String broke on 3rd use, no replacement offered.

The frame/racket at the top cracked/broke the third match I played with it. I caught it on the wall after playing a boast - not hard, which is why I was dissapointed that it cracked.

Another great Tecnifibre racket. I've been using it for 4 months. String broke after 2 months though. Nice balance, power is good. I like that it is light, but doesn't feel as flicky as simliar rackets (e.g. the very popular Carboflex 125).

Have been looking to replace my old wilson racket for some time. Ordered the racket following a special deal. Played a couple of times now and its certainly more powerful but still getting used to it. Great service from Sweatband arrived the following day as promise.

Excellent racket, felt improved my game immediately.

Great power and well made... I smashed against the wall going 4 the ball and not a scratch on the racket

I've seen a big increase in the power of my shots when using this racket. Usually I go a bit lighter but this may have turned me to heavier rackets now! Great service from sweatband as usual. Thanks guys.

Got a great deal on this racket from sweatband so I bought it. Extremely happy with this purchase, this is a little heavier than my old racket which has increased my power!

I bought this racket after reading great reviews of it. I was not disappointed- played my first game with it over the weekend and cant believe how much more power and control I get from playing with this. If you are looking for more depth in your drives and volleys then this will be a great choice for you. Looking forward to playing with it again on Wednesday!

I bought this racket for my son for his birthday and he has had nothing but positive praise for it. He plays 2-3 times a week and has said that he is really enjoying it- he even mentioned that his opponents have noticed an improvement in his game! I am impressed with Sweatband's sales team on the phone and the speed of the delivery.

This racket is ace! It has plenty of power, but I am finding it's improved my accuracy and touch giving me confidence to play more varied shots and games. I feel I am expending much less energy for improved results!

An excellent racquet to say the least. Very powerful and a nice large sweetspot. Would recommend to intermediate players seeking power. Played with many racquets in the past but this very impressive. Comfortable in hand and finding it easy to swing and take power shots. Not that it matters much but it looks cool too! Thanks!

I order with Sweatband regularly, and am always impressed with the speedy delivery! This arrived on a next day basis and is a class piece of equipment. Lightweight and perfectly balanced. My previous racket felt too heavy so I chose to go lighter- this is like air and has improved my game MASSIVELY. Powerful shots are now killers (say my opponents). Great value for a game improver!

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