Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 Squash Racket Black  

Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH Squash Racket - Black

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The new Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 has a stronger frame construction and extra versatility  which, coupled with the flattened head shape, ensure maximum power and feel, even from those tight wall shots.

The Power Holes technology succeeds in providing the player with 25% more power on off-centre hits. The Hyper Hammer Technology, combined with the Hyper Carbon frame, makes this racket very stiff, which contributes to its power with the added benefits of superb stability and an increased sweet spot. It should also be noted that the control on shots is amazing.

HAMMER Technology - HAMMER Lightweight rackets with mass in the head provides great manoeuvrability with the added benefits of superior stability and enhanced power.

Our price £39.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Material: Graphite/Hyper Carbon
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Head Size: 77 sq. ins/497 sq. cm
  • Beam: 23 mm Sledge Taper
  • Balance: 380mm (head-heavy)
  • String: Wilson Sensation Strike

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Does this come with a cover?

Yes, it does, a cover that covers the head of the racket.

Is the racket supplied with a racket cover?

Yes, head cover which covers head (stops at throat).

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Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH Squash Racket - Black Reviews

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Robust all round racquet suitable for players of all abilities

Love it! Feels very comfortable and swings great. I am a beginner/intermediate player and was surprised I could actually feel the difference with my previous racket.

I love this raquet I've had other raquets but I always come back to this one.

Very good so far.

I really like this racket normally and have been playing with these rackets for many years - usually order 2 at a time and probably get restrung twice in the lifetime. I probably go through 2 or 3 rackets a year but play 5 times a week. The last one managed only 3 weeks of play before the frame cracked (often goes in the same place when it does go) - I will still order again and see whether just bad luck as there was no impact when it cracked.

Very good racket. I particularly like the head heavy balance.

this is the only racquet my husband will use now after trying several others

Light and powerful

The product is great and was dispatched promptly. The delivery company they use, Yodel, are utterly horrendous. At one point of enduring their ‘customer service’ it was suggested I go to the courier’s home address to pick up my parcel. Let the irony of that sink in.

Great upgrade for my previous racket and reasonably priced, light and durable and forgiving in all the right places, for a beginner.

Great racket at a great price

I had been using t fibre and other brands, only got introduced to this racket through a pro recommendation, it’s light and powerful, feels great in the hand and gives all the stability needed during the game..don’t think I will be switching anytime soon

Bought for grandsons birthday as he has taken up squash.He loved the racket.

Excellent racket for the price.

Great racket, great price!

Excellent prompt service.

As a beginner I feel the racket has definitely helped my game giving better accuracy and more power, far better than the old racket I had.

An excellent racket. I was looking for a racket that gave me more control compared to my first racket. The Wilson Hyper is much lighter allowing me to place my shots with more accuracy. It takes a little more effort to hit shotswwhite with power but I soon got use to the weight and control. It is very sturdy and and the build quality is great. Highly recommended. 0

Don't compromise for anything less than this. Excellent quality for a very good price, bought 2 and I'm very happy. Had a cheap Head racket before and just can't stress enough how much better this one is compared to that, taking in account the same price tag. So if you want something solid with tons of power for beginners - get this, won't regret it!

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