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York Perform Multi Gym

Our price £699.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 05/03/2021

The York Perform is a superb mid range multi gym that not only looks great, but also provides maximum safety, stability and functionality. The 100kg weight stack provides 100kg maximum resistance on all of workout stations, while the sealed bearings ensure a smooth workout with no pulling or sticking. The York Perform is a highly versatile machine that provides a great range of stations, including chest press, peck deck, leg extension, arm curl, low rowing position and lat pull.

Our price £699.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 05/03/2021

Key features

  • Weight stack: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Maximum resistance: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Peck deck
  • Vertical chest press
  • Arm curl: 2 position height adjustable
  • Lat pull down/ hi-pulley
  • Seated row- low pulley
  • Leg extension
  • Dimensions: Height=196cm (77.2”), Width=115cm (45.3”), Depth=141cm (55.5”)
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg (275.5lbs)
  • Product weight: 162kg (357lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years


York Perform Multi Gym - User Manual

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What are the weight increments ?

To take you through the toughest workouts, the multi gym has a 100kg weight stack to offer resistance of 10-100kg in 5kg increments.

I’m 6’4” tall - will I be able to use comfortably?

Yes, the York Perform Multi Gym is perfectly suitable for a person of that height.

Can you do any shoulder excercises?

Yes, you can do shoulder exercises on this Multi Gym.

Is the seat adjustable ?

Unfortunately the seat is not adjustable, it is fixed into position and cannot be moved or altered.

Is the peck deck (butterfly) 100kg resistance also?

The peck deck (butterfly) is 100kg resistance.

Do you offer an assembly service on multi gym equipment?

Hi, we are currently unable to offer an installation service.

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York Perform Multi Gym Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 22 people with average rating of 4.4

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Item is quite a task to put together allow 6 hours , instructions are clear though , once it’s built it’s a nice bit of kit sturdy and does what it should.

Very happy with our purchase took a bit of time to put together instructions for cables could be made clearer. But know we got it together really pleased. Would of been 5 stars if instructions were clearer.

Excellent piece of kit.

Bought this over two weeks ago and it was missing the twin and single pulley brackets. Informed customer support straight away, they were told the parts missing and they said they would send them. Two weeks later no response to emails and still missing the brackets !!! Never buy from these people their customer service is ridiculous i’m reporting them to the ombudsman and Amazon !!!!!

Allow half a day to build. Machine is compact but a little unsteady due to narrow footprint. I bought this due to lockdown, so appreciate its never going to be like the gym. Chest press, doesn’t come far enough back and no adjustment to the seat, making the range of movement quite limited. Pec deck is a bit iffy. Lat pull down works ok but if you are over 5ft 10” forget it as the weight hits the stack before arms are full extended. Absolutely no chance with the tricep extension, as once again half way through the movement the stack is hitting the top of the machine. I’m going to remove some of the weight, which should help with a fuller range of movement. But to do this I’ve to strip the machine down. That said the full stack is hard to move, purely because all the plastic wheel and pulleys flex around and have a real awkward movement. All in all it will do as there is nothing else and it’s a decent price, but the overall design needs a good overhaul

Very good piece of kit, although it took most the day to put together the instructions were very good, the hardest part was attaching the cables and working the wheel system out, but the rest was straight forward. My family love it and are using it daily

Really pleased with the Gym. Set up was straight forward. Took about 5-6 hours on my own. Instructions were clear and tools were provided. Tighten up the cable protectors last though just to make sure they’re facing in the right direction! Good range of exercises available and the 100kg allows for progression. Some of the exercises range of movement is a bit restricted - notably chest press and the lat pull down (certainly if you’re over 5’ 7”). But would recommend as I’m more than happy with it. Given the current situation processing and delivery were all great. Thanks.

Great low cost multi-gym. The instructions were difficult to follow and I had to re-thread the cables a couple of times, but I’m happy with the product overall and the I found the company easy to deal with and relatively short delivery timescales.

Easy to build, good solid quality. Nice and compact.

Excellent product, excellent communication, excellent delivery

The gym is very compact and has a large weight range for its size. It could be a bit cheaper but it appears to be decent quality and hopefully you get what you pay for. It looks neat/tidy and was easy to put together with a socket wrench. I had a second hand york gym 5 years ago - it was great but took up a whole room but only went to 70kg. This version is far better, especially with a go faster stripe on the seat.

The York Perform Multi Gym is excellent for the price. It feels sturdy and good quality. The cable action is smooth and the 100kg stack is more than enough for the home user. Assembly instructions should be read first, although the bolts are pre packed and labelled clearly for each step, which avoids measuring nuts and bolts etc. I managed to assemble it alone in 4.5hours, with only a minor tweak for the pulley covers which I had assembled the wrong way. The Perform is excellent and Sweatband were good, quick communication and delivery.

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