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8 Morning Yoga Poses to Wake You Up

May 5, 2021 1 min read
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    Looking for an energizing way to start the day? Well… yogis who practice regularly are aware of the fact that a cup of green tea and yoga workout is all you really need every morning! Take a deep breath, relax, center your mind and balance the body. These 8 yoga asanas will jack you up, drag you out of bed with a smile and make you eager to own the day!

    1. Open Your Spine with a Cat Tilt

    2. Spinal Twist – Open Your Chest and Increase Elasticity and Oxygen Supply

    3. Try a Downward Dog Stretch to Release Your Energy

    4. Restful Balasana Pose. Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play?

    5. Trikonasana – Help the Proper Functioning of the Digestive System

    6. Improve Strength, Flexibility and Posture –Extended Side Angle Pose

    7. Stimulating Standing Position for all the Morning Warriors - Warrior 1

    8. Concentrate your Mind with a Tree Pose

    In this article