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Badminton Grips Buying Guide

May 18, 2021 4 min read
Badminton Grips Buying Guide Badminton Grips Buying Guide

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    Like with most racket sports, the first item many badminton players will purchase is understandably going to be a racket. After all, that’s the item you will use to play the game, so finding one you’re comfortable with is paramount to your success.

    However, what a lot less people realise is that you don’t simply have to find one on a shelf that meets all of your needs. That’s because there are various elements that can be customised on a badminton racket to make it as well suited to your style of play as possible.

    Perhaps the most effective of all the customisation options available is the type of grip you use. This is what determines how comfortable your racket is, how easy it is for you to hold, and how well it suits your style of play.

    With that in mind, we're going to take you through the options you have available when it comes to badminton grips. We'll show you what options are available, how they effect a racket, and who each type is best suited for.

    This should ensure you are able to set your racket up to be as effective as it could possibly be.

    Types Of Badminton Grips

    Replacement Grip 

    Replacement grips are a replacement option to the original grip of the racket. They are applied directly to the handle of the racket and increase the level of both grip and comfort. They are ideal for use by all players, as they prolong the life of a racket and allow it to continue performing at a high level.


    Overgrips are placed over the main grip of a racket. They further increase the grip and comfort of the racket, as well as slightly increasing the size of the grip. They make the racket feel similar to how it would have when it was new and are ideal for players from intermediate to pro levels, as they keep the racket performing to the highest level possible.

    Towel Grip 

    A towel grip operates in a similar way to an overgrip, in that it is placed over the original grip on the handle. They are made from a material that resembles the texture of a towel, usually cotton, which makes them incredibly absorbent. This makes them ideal for players who have a tendency to sweat heavily while playing. Due to their material, they are also usually quite thick. This makes them better suited to players with larger hands, as well as those with greater upper body strength. 

    Things To Consider


    The material of a badminton grip affects everything from level of grip and sweat absorption to price, comfort and durability. That makes it an important decision when selecting the best grip for each individual.


    Comfort is an important yet often overlooked aspect of a badminton grip. People who play long or frequent games, will need to make sure they find a comfortable grip. This is extremely important to help maintain your enjoyment of the sport and keep your performances at a high level. 

    Style Of Game/Player

    The style of player and how they play the game will greatly determine which sort of badminton grip is best for them. It will take into consideration every facet of the player, from their hand size and strength, to whether they rely more on power or agility. If you work out your own balance, it will go a long way to determining which type of grip is right for you. 


    The tackiness of a badminton grip affects everything from grip and sweat absorption to durability. This makes it essential to choose a grip with a level you are happy with when selecting yours.


    The three different types of badminton grip have vastly different levels of durability, with overgrips having a much shorter lifespan than the other options on the market. That means you need to work out how often you are willing to change your grip before deciding which one you go for.

    Sweat absorption 

    Sweat absorption varies dramatically between different styles of badminton grip. If this is something you are seriously concerned about, it may be in your best interests to focus on towel grips.


    The thickness of a badminton grip can affect everything from how comfortable it is to hold, to how much work is done by different parts of your arms. Selecting a grip that matches both your hand size and style of play is imperative to its success.

    Your budget 

    Much like above, badminton grips aren’t an item with a price tag that should really make you worry about your budget. However, it is still worth thinking about how many you intend to buy, as you could save a small amount by buying in bulk.

    Badminton Grip Maintenance

    There is very little that can be done in the way of maintenance for badminton grips, as most are designed to wear out with use. However, most towel grips can and should be washed regularly. This is important to stop them smelling and becoming unhygienic.

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