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Badminton Bag Buying Guide

May 18, 2021 5 min read
Badminton Bag Buying Guide Badminton Bag Buying Guide

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    Badminton players routinely put a great deal of time and effort into getting their equipment just right. They know buying the perfect rackets, shuttle cocks and shoes will help them get the very best out of their performance.

    One area they often overlook though, is their bag. Selecting the right bag is perhaps more important in badminton than it is in any other racket sport. Not only do you want to protect your racket and keep it in the right conditions, but you also need to do the same with your shuttlecocks as well.

    Unfortunately, despite its importance, many simply don’t know what they’re looking for when it comes to a racket bag. That’s why we want to quickly take you through the options you have available and help you understand which one might be the right choice for you.

    Types Of Badminton Bags

    1 - 2 racket bags 

    1-2 racket bags are the most basic and cost-effective type of badminton bag. They are primarily used by beginners, as well as people who don’t mind playing without a choice of rackets to hand.

    3 racket bags 

    3 racket bags are a slight step up in both size and price, giving the user extra space for a greater choice of rackets. They’re great for players who want to experiment with multiple rackets or who prefer to have a  few available in case one breaks. They’re also great for couples who play together too, as all their rackets can be held in a single bag.

    6 - 8 racket bags 

    Quite a large step up in terms of both cost and size, 6-8 racket bags allow you to conveniently transport and store a large selection of rackets. These are the perfect option for professional level players, who will often want numerous rackets available, so they are prepared for damages and different playing conditions.

    9 - 15 racket bags 

    9-15 racket bags are the largest and most expensive type of badminton bag. They let you store and transport a large number of rackets, making them perfect for people running clubs or competitions, where they are required to supply rackets to numerous players.


    Racket backpacks are different from most racket bags, as they are worn on your back, as opposed to over your shoulder or being carried in your hand. There is plenty of room for extra equipment in a backpack, however they are often only able to carry between 1 and 3 rackets. This makes them best suited for people who don’t need a huge range of rackets, want to carry all their gear in one bag, and are particularly keen to carry their stuff on their back.

    Duffle bag 

    Duffle bags feature the greatest range of any type of badminton bag, varying from massive bags, capable of holding 10 or more rackets, to small, hand-held options. They are usually quite expensive but are the best choice for anyone who needs to carry a lot of equipment, such as clothes, shoes, shuttlecocks etc, and wants to carry everything in a single bag.

    Things To Consider


    Water-resistant bags are fairly common, but that doesn’t mean that all badminton bags are. If there’s a good chance you’ll get wet on your way to and from games, and are worried about your things getting damaged, make sure you pick one that is.

    Ventilation holes? 

    Not all badminton bags have ventilation holes, but they affect everything from the humidity inside to how fresh it smells. This is especially important to consider if you play with feathered shuttlecocks, as humidity greatly affects their performance, so pay close attention while buying if you do.

    Thermo insulation? 

    Thermo insulation is a feature of some bags that will help to keep a consistent temperature inside the bag. Extreme weather conditions can have a great affect on both the performance and durability of rackets and shuttlecocks, so make sure you select a bag with this feature if you plan to store or carry your bag in particularly hot or cold environments.


    The material that a badminton bag is made from will affect everything from its water-resistance and durability to its price and appearance. Make sure to choose a bag made of a material that will provide everything you require.


    Much like the material, the amount of padding on a badminton bag plays a huge role in its level of comfort. Ranging from heavily padded options to those featuring none, it is imperative to find one you will be comfortable with, especially of you have to carry it heavily loaded or over large distances.

    Number of compartments? 

    Many people use their badminton bag to carry more than just rackets, with everything from other equipment to personal items being stored in them. Be sure that your chosen bag has enough pockets to accommodate your needs if you plan to use it for more than just rackets.

    Multiple handles? 

    Some badminton bags will feature a range of handles, allowing you to carry your bag in a variety of ways. However, that isn’t the case for all types of bag. If you like to have a choice of how to carry your bag, which can be especially beneficial for people who carry their bags long distances, consider getting a bag with as many options as possible.


    The ability of the player will play a large part in determining how many rackets you will want to take with you. Make sure to factor that in when selecting your preferred badminton bag.

    Extra features 

    There are numerous extra features available on badminton bags, that manufacturers are adding to make their products stand out from the pack, such as iPod and water bottle holders. If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to have a good search to make sure you get a bag that meets all your needs.

    Your budget

    With a huge variety of bags available in wildly different price ranges, you need to set yourself a clear budget from the outset. That way, you won’t waste your time analysing a bag that you aren’t able or willing to pay for.

    Badminton Bag Maintenance

    Badminton bags aren’t the sort of item you do any real maintenance on. Keep it clean and treat it with respect and you should have a product that lasts you for years to come.

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