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Badminton Shoes Buying Guide

May 27, 2021 3 min read
Badminton Shoes Buying Guide Badminton Shoes Buying Guide

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    While badminton isn’t seen to be as intense as sports like squash or tennis, there is still a great deal of jumping, lunging and lateral movements involved. In addition, indoor courts will often require non marking soles, meaning regular trainers can’t be used.

    Unfortunately, many people don’t know what sort of sole, grip, or padding is best suited to their type of game. That’s why today I want to go over everything there is to know about badminton shoes with you.

    We'll tell you what each offers, how that effects its performance, and who each type is best suited for. That will hopefully give you everything you need to find a badminton shoe that maximises your potential while playing.

    Types Of Badminton Shoes

    Men’s badminton shoes 

    Men’s badminton shoes will usually be the largest on the market designed for badminton, due to being aimed at men. This is because men generally have the largest feet, however they can technically be worn by anyone.

    Women’s badminton shoes 

    Women’s badminton shoes are often just a slightly smaller alternative to the men’s version. That said, they also frequently have more feminine designs, such as details in softer colours like pink. They are specifically targeted at women but, again, can be worn by anyone they fit.

    Junior badminton shoes

    Junior badminton shoes are predominantly just a smaller version of the two listed above, that are aimed at children and younger users. That said, they will also have “fun” features from time to time too, like lights or decorations displaying popular cartoon characters.

    Things To Consider


    The comfort of a badminton shoe is paramount to its success. It doesn’t just need to give you the ability to play, it also needs to make it enjoyable as well, so make sure you find a pair that you’ll be comfortable wearing for long periods.


    The grip on a badminton shoe will depend on whether it is designed for use on indoor or outdoor courts. Be sure to select an option designed for the surface you plan to play on.


    While most badminton shoes have a reasonably similar shape, there are a number of variations available. Beyond the aesthetic, this is an especially important factor to consider in terms of how it fits, particularly if you have especially wide feet or high arches.

    Endure high impact/Shock absorber? 

    With lots of jumping involved in badminton, a badminton shoe will often feature built in shock absorbers to help endure high impact. However, some will forgo this, in order to prioritise a greater range of movement. Make sure to select the style that best matches your personal game.


    The material of a badminton shoe can affect everything from its level of comfort and support to how breathable it is. Work out what you require most from a badminton shoe and select one made from a material that best matches your needs.


    While most badminton shoes will be targeted at a specific style of court or play, some will be more versatile, not specialising in any one area. If you don’t have anything specific you need from your badminton shoe, perhaps consider an option like this.


    Depending on your ability, you may have different needs from your badminton shoe. If you are a high-level player, you will want to look at some of the more expensive options, as they will often feature greater levels of grip, support and shock absorption.


    Don’t overlook the aesthetic aspect of a badminton shoe. Available in many different colours and styles, make sure to select one that you are comfortable and confident wearing, as this can affect your game almost as much as its performance.

    Your budget 

    Badminton shoes range from reasonably affordable to extremely expensive. Make sure to set yourself a clear budget ahead of time, so you don’t end up examining a pair you can’t afford to begin with.

    Badminton Shoe Maintenance

    There is limited maintenance that can be done on badminton shoes. The main requirement is to keep them clean, so as to stop them smelling or dropping dirt all over the courts, which in extreme cases could even see you being asked to leave. Simply washing them from time to time, as well as using odour eaters, should be all that’s required to achieve this.

    In addition, changing the laces if they begin to wear out is important. If you don’t keep on top of this, they won’t give you the level of support they are designed for, which could result in you seriously hurting yourself.

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