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Squash Eyewear Buying Guide

May 26, 2021 3 min read
Squash Eyewear Buying Guide Squash Eyewear Buying Guide

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    When people are purchasing squash equipment, they usually tend to focus on things like rackets, balls and shoes. However, there is another, often less thought of piece of equipment that is almost as important, and that is squash goggles.

    These are designed to protect your eyes from the sorts of injuries that can potentially happen when playing a fast paced sport in a tightly confined space. Unfortunately, as they don’t get much publicity, many people don’t realise how important they can be, let alone the options that are available.

    That is why today we are going to go over everything you could possibly want to know about squash eyewear. We'll show you what options are available, explain the different features that they have, and tell you exactly who each type is best suited for.

    That should hopefully ensure you are properly informed, so you can make the right decision to keep you safe, while still performing to the highest possible level.


    Types Of Squash Eyewear


    Adult squash goggles come in a range of different shapes, styles and colours, with a variety of additional features, including specialist lenses and adjustable straps. These will be the choice for the majority of squash players.


    Junior squash goggles are largely just a smaller version of the option above. However, they will often also be cheaper, as well as feature a smaller range of styles and features.


    Things To Consider

    Adjustable strap

    You will have options including squash goggles with adjustable straps, as well as those that are one size fits all. Those that are adjustable will usually have a better fit and be more secure, as well as last for longer, so are the better option if you can find a pair that match all of your other needs. 

    Contoured lenses? 

    Contoured lenses will help to not only make your squash goggles more comfortable but can also improve your field of vision. This is something you should seriously consider, especially if you play long or frequent matches.

    Worn with glasses? 

    If you require glasses, you are obviously going to want to play with them on, otherwise you will struggle to see the ball. Some squash goggles are designed to be able to be worn over glasses, while with others it won’t be possible to do so. Make sure to check this before selecting a pair, as it could dramatically affect how useful they are to you.


    While squash goggles are designed to be sturdy, there is always the possibility that they could break, especially if struck directly with a ball or racket. The last thing you want is to end up with shards of glass in your eye, so make sure the option you are looking at features shatterproof lenses.


    Some of the more expensive options will have higher quality lenses made from a scratchproof material. If the lenses become too scratched it will be difficult to see, making them essentially useless. Perhaps consider paying a little extra to get a pair that are anti-scratch, as it could end up saving you money in the long run if you don’t have to keep replacing them.


    Goggles can have the ability to steam up and this is relatively common when perspiring. Considering how important your vision is in squash, make sure to look for an anti-fog pair so they don’t end up impeding your game.


    This is largely similar to the previous point. A better ventilated pair of squash goggles are considerably less likely to fog up, so look at this aspect at the same time as checking if your goggles are anti-fog or not.

    Wrap around? 

    Wrap around goggles will feature much wider lenses, meaning the rims won’t end up in your peripheral vision. This is ideal for giving you a greater rage of vision, which could dramatically improve your performance on the court.

    Your budget

    Squash goggles are all reasonably priced, so budget shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Unless you come across a particularly expensive pair, try to put cost out of your mind and simply go for the best option based on your own needs.

    In this article