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Get Great Glutes From These 5 Effective Exercises

May 5, 2021 2 min read
Get Great Glutes From These 5 Effective Exercises Get Great Glutes From These 5 Effective Exercises

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    The Gluteus Maximus is so-called because it’s the biggest muscle in the body and if you want your glutes to defy gravity stop sitting on them and do these five most excellent glutes exercises!

    1. Kettlebell swings

    It’s an oldie but a goodie and this one is all about technique. We recommend a weight you consider heavy and if you can comfortably manage more than 12 per set either your technique needs revision or your resistance needs addition.
    Stand with your feet wide, turn out at the hips and hold the kettlebell in both hands with your arms long. Support your spine with a little tummy tension and bow down from the hips lowering the head and taking the kettlebell under and behind the legs.

    Then power up your posterior with a super squeeze to thrust the hips forward and elevate the head and the hands. Aim for three sets of 12 to get those glutes burning.

    2. Walking lunges

    Start with your feet hip distance apart and add extra resistance by holding a dumbbell in each hand. Take a big stride forward with one foot and bend both knees aligning your knee at the front with the ankle and your knee at the back with the hip, come up and repeat with the other leg at the fore.

    Imagine you’re on the moon, move slowly and fully each time. Repeat going up and down the room for five minutes.

    3. Back bridges with scissors

    Lie on a mat with your knees bent, your feet hip distance apart and your heels elevated. You’re your head and shoulders but make your heels heavy by adding pressure beneath them.

    Squeeze the glutes and as you do lift the hips as high as you can. Maintain the elevation of the hips as you squeeze the knees in and out 10 times then return to the floor.

    Repeat this three times.

    4. Side leg rotations

    Lie on your side on a mat and bend the leg that is lowermost. Stack your shoulders and hips vertically and keep them in this position throughout.
    Lengthen your top leg and rotate it from the hip so your knee and toes are inclined forwards and downwards, maintain this orientation throughout.
    Tone the long leg at the thigh, extend it fully at the knee and flex it strongly at the ankle.

    Slowly and fully rotate the leg at the hip to draw a circle with the heel five times then go round the other way five times.

    Do three sets on each leg.

    5. Leg flies

    Lie on your front on the floor with your legs long, set hip distance apart. Flex your ankles so that your legs are elevated from hip to toe. Tense both thighs and lengthen the backs of both knees so your legs are fully engaged.
    Rest everything from the hips upwards on the floor and keep your head, chest and arms grounded throughout.

    Lift both legs up from the hips, keep them high as you scissor them apart, return them to hip distance while still elevated then slowly lower them to the floor.

    Try for three sets of 15.

    In this article