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Badminton: Six Health Benefits And Reasons To Play

May 5, 2021 2 min read
Six Health Benefits And Reasons To Play Badminton Six Health Benefits And Reasons To Play Badminton

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    So, who put the bad in badminton? Certainly not someone who knows the sport, because it’s actually incredibly good for people of all ages and fitness levels. Those who play are more mentally alert, physically fit and agile plus the sociable nature of the game means lower stress for players too.

    Still need convincing? Here’s the science bit…

    Calorie consumption

    A good hour’s play burns 450 calories, so if nothing else it’s a great workout.

    Brain Boost

    Unlike repetitive exercises like running and cycling, badminton requires and improves mental agility too. While you play you need to predict how your opponent will play and plan every counter attack. This builds brain power for the long term on and off the court. More and more studies are finding brain diseases like dementia occur less in those that exercise body and mind together, just as badminton does.

    Meaner, leaner muscles

    Badminton requires players to cover a decent area in multiple directions, at various speeds lunging and leaping to connect with the shuttlecock. Legs, arms and core muscles alternately contract and relax as you play making badminton an all-over body workout which builds strength, resilience and flexibility. Ask anyone who plays it for the first time where they feel it the next day and in most cases they’ll say ‘everywhere!’.

    Better co-ordination and core control

    Don’t let the feathery shuttlecock fool you into thinking badminton is a slow game. Although light, it travels at impressive speeds and you must too if you’re going to return it to the opposition. Playing ‘badders’ needs someone who is fast on their feet and able to swiftly and deftly use their racket. This builds an optimum blend of co-ordination and core stability which have wondrous applications in everyday life particularly in the prevention of injuries and falls.

    It’s an all-weather game

    As it’s played indoors rain never stops a game and players dodge burning up on a hot sunny day. So choosing badminton as your sport means you can play any day, any time, any season.

    It takes two, or more

    Because you need an opponent to play in the beginning it may seem a little difficult finding someone, but once you have a badminton buddy or better still when you join a league there are a wealth of benefits.

    Successive surveys have concluded that having a regular partner to play with makes you commit more to a game and building the rapport on the court is great for bonding with friends and relieving stress which are great health and wellbeing benefits that exercising alone simply cannot provide.

    In this article