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Meet the Coach: Callum Lloyd

May 5, 2021 2 min read
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    What is your background in tennis?

    I started playing Tennis at the age of 6. As I junior I represented Great Britain across a number of age groups. At 13 I was training full time at the LTA National Academy at Loughborough and went on to represent England at Senior level. As a coach I have 10 years experience being Head Coach at both development and performance programmes, recently coaching a National Junior champion and working with professional WTA ranked players.

    What do you find most rewarding about being a tennis coach?

    I have a real passion for improving players, I like the day to day of working with players and seeing them improve. It’s a great buzz to see players apply in matches things we have worked on in training.

    What are the main benefits from playing tennis?

    Tennis has many health benefits, from increasing physical fitness, to reducing stress and improving coordination. Its a game that can introduce you to lots of new people and because its a game that can be played by all ages is a sport you can play for life with friends and family.

    How important do you see sport activity in everyday life?

    I believe sport plays a massive part in both kids and adults. From PE lessons at schools to Clubs and Free play it has many positives, both mental and physical health. its a great way of keeping fit and I’ve always found it a great release from stresses and worries of every day life.

    How can people get into sports such as tennis?

    Local clubs play a big part in getting new players into the game, no matter what your age and your level, the LTA has great initiatives to get you on court playing the game. I started playing at my local club and for me that opened the door to do what I love now as my career.

    What are your 3 tips for someone new getting into tennis?

    1. Find a local club or courts near where you live, preferably walking distance.
    2. Play the game – to what ever level you play, compete and enjoy the challenge the game has to offer. Make up your own rules!
    3. Use low compression tennis balls which are available in different colours. They are designed to slow the speed and make the bounce lower, this will help keep those rallies longer and help you to control the ball. Once you feel more confident you can build up to full balls.

    What do you see for the future of Tennis?

    I would love to see more people playing the game of tennis, competing at what ever level they play at. I see Tennis becoming even more social and as a result I see more team competitions at both club and performance level.

    In this article