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Pre, Intra and Post-workout and Carbohydrate supplements

June 21, 2021 1 min read
Pre, Intra and Post-workout and Carbohydrate supplements Pre, Intra and Post-workout and Carbohydrate supplements

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    When you are working your hardest and you really want to maximize your efforts, pre, intra and post-workout supplements are there to help.

    In order to maintain energy, encourage recovery and muscle repair, you can greatly enhance your performance with some well-timed supplementation. 

    Get going with a pre-workout caffeine boost, which is evidence-based to enhance performance. Restore tired muscles with intra-workout carb intake and for post-workout, repair and build muscle gains with a targeted blend of amino acids, carbs and nutrients.

    At Sweatband, we have got you covered with a wide range of powders, gels, drinks and bars for all your workout needs. 

    What are pre, intra and post-workout supplements?

    These are supplements designed to benefit your overall exercise performance and recovery, when taken before, during or after your workout.

    What are the benefits of these workout supplements?

    Pre-workout supplements containing ingredients such as caffeine are designed to boost energy and performance, whilst carb type gels or drinks during workouts aim to enhance endurance and exercise duration. Post-workout, supplements replenish energy stores, top-up amino acid levels,  whilst boosting recovery, muscle growth and repair. 

    What is a carbohydrate supplement?

    The main aim of supplementary carbohydrate, whether pre, intra or post exercise, is to quickly and directly replenish lost glycogen stores. Glycogen is a form of stored glucose found in the muscles and liver and is essential for your energy levels. Extra carb intake during workouts can enhance both endurance and performance.

    How do I use your carbohydrate products?

    Energy powder

    Energy powders, including the pre-workout blends, can be added to water and consumed 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. 

    Energy drinks

    Energy drinks can be sipped during prolonged exercise, or consumed afterwards to aid glycogen recovery, but are best avoided immediately prior due to a risk of digestive distress.

    Energy bars

    Best for pre or post-exercise. Our energy bars require a little digestion so not ideal for during, but they can offer a real boost to performance when timed right.

    Energy gels

    Great for on the go glucose. These gels are designed to be directly utilisable by the body without the digestive discomfort associated with liquid consumption - you can also use our gels post-workout as an immediate recovery aid.

    In this article