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Racketball Grip Buying Guide

May 12, 2021 4 min read
Racketball Grip Buying Guide Racketball Grip Buying Guide

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    When it comes to buying your racketball equipment, rackets are the one thing that people pay a great deal of attention to. As your primary weapon in the sport, ensuring you get a high-performance option that suits your own style of play is crucial to your success. 

    However, while many will look to find a racket that offers everything they need straight off of the shelf, it is also worth noting that it is possible to customise a racket, to further match it to your own wants and needs. Of the different options available when it comes to customisation, perhaps none are as important as the grip, as both overgrips and replacement grips can completely change the feel and performance of the racket.

    Even when you realise you can change the grip, knowing how best to do so can still be unclear for many players. With that in mind, we'll now take you into the world of racketball grips. We'll show you what there is to choose from, how it will affect the rackets performance, and who each option might be best for. Hopefully, this should allow you to make a completely informed decision and purchase a racket that will take your game to the next level.

    Types Of Racketball Grips

    Replacement Grips

    Replacement grips are a replacement option to the original grip of the racket. They are applied directly to the handle of the racket and increase the level of both grip and comfort. They are ideal for use by all players, as they prolong the life of a racket and allow it to continue performing to a high level.


    Overgrips are placed over the main grip of a racket. They further increase the grip and comfort of the racket, as well as slightly increasing the size of the grip. They make the racket feel similar to how it would have when it was new and are ideal for players from intermediate to pro levels, as they keep the racket performing to the highest level possible.

    Things To Consider

    Material Of Replacement Grips/Overgrips

    While there are really only a few options available when it comes to racket grips, selecting the correct material for your replacement grip or overgrip can affect everything from level of grip and absorption to price and durability. That makes it a crucial component to selecting the best grip.


    Padding on your grip can affect both its comfort and its thickness, so deciding on whether you want your racket to be padded or not depends on how you feel about both of those two factors.


    Comfort is an important yet often overlooked aspect of a racketball racket. For those who play long or frequent games, making sure you find a comfortable grip is extremely important to helping maintain your enjoyment of the sport, as well as keeping your performances at a high level. 


    When selecting the thickness of a grip, you need to consider the size of your hand, to make sure you will be able to hold it comfortably. It’s also worth noting, the wider a grip, the more the strain will be transferred from your forearms to your biceps. This means you also need to select a grip width that best lends itself to your style of play. Comfort and durability are also both effected by thickness and width, so it is a major issue to consider.


    Replacement grips and overgrips have dramatically different lifespans and levels of durability, with overgrips known to last for a much shorter length of time. Decide how often you expect to change your grip before choosing which one you go for.

    Sweat Absorption

    Sweat absorption is significantly greater when an overgrip is used, so if it too much moisture is a big issue for you, then consider going that route as opposed to using a replacement grip.


    Tackiness effects everything from grip and sweat absorption to durability, so it is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a grip.


    While the weight of an overgrip is minimal, it can still make a difference for players who rely on speed and manoeuvrability, as well as those with limited upper body strength, so take it into account before selecting a grip if you fall into either of those categories.


    Length of a grip is a minimal consideration, as they can usually be cut down to fit your racket. However, it is worth thinking about if you play with a racket that has a particularly long handle.

    Your Budget

    Racketball grips aren’t an item that are inherently expensive, so the main consideration in terms of budget is how many to buy. For frequent players, it may be worth considering buying in bulk to get the best deal available.

    Racketball Grips Maintenance

    There is nothing outside of cleaning that you need to do to maintain your grips. They are designed to wear out over time and will have to be replaced periodically if you want to keep your racket performing to a high level. That said, it is still incredibly important to keep them clean, dry and free from sweat, as this will make them last for as long as possible.

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