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Ab Wheels and Trainers

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Viavito Ab Exercise Wheel

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Viavito Ab Crunch Trainer with Mat

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Viavito Tuyami Folding Ab Wheel

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adidas Ab Wheel

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York Fitness
York Exercise Wheel



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Viavito Ab Training Set

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York Fitness
York Strength Training Set

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UFC AB Wheel

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There are different kinds of exercise tools that enable you to effectively train your abdominal muscles. Ab trimmers make workout much easier and comfortable as they are equipped with a padded headrest that offers support for the neck and back during performing crunches, which reduces strain within these areas. Ab trimmers do not take much place, so you can easily train with them at home and change their location. Other popular pieces of equipment are sit up bars designed to be attached to the door and equipped with footrests that help keep your feet in place while performing exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. Some persons can prefer roman chairs that are used mainly to strengthen the lower back, but they also allow for targeting the gluteal and abdominal muscles.