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DKN EcoRun Treadmill

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The DKN EcoRun treadmill is supplied with a 1.75HP continuous duty motor (2.25HP peak) that speeds the belt up to 10mph (16kph) and powers 12 levels of incline so you can vary the intensity of your sessions. Quick keys let you change speed and incline simply and also allow interval training. Keys on the handlebars above the pulse grip sensors offer a safe way of altering speed and incline once moving.


It has a 42cm (16.5") x 125cm (49.2") running area, a 20mm running deck mounted on 6 shock-absorbing supports and a 2mm-thick orthopaedic running belt, giving good support, cushioning and underfoot feel. The console is very user-friendly and has a flat blue back-lit LCD display that shows your feedback: time, speed, calories, distance, incline and HR.


There are 2 user profiles for personalising calorie feedback and 15 workouts: 12 pre-set, manual, user defined and heart rate, the latter which requires a chest strap (not included) for pairing with the built-in wireless receiver. The deck folds up for easier storage, there are transport wheels, and the Plug and Run system means you can get running in 3 steps once the machine is out of the box.


Thanks to compatibility with Kinomap application, you can turn your treadmill into a powerful and fun fitness device letting you run on paths and roads anywhere in the world, join scheduled multiplayer sessions, track progress and share your results!

Our price £439.00
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Motor: 1.75 HP Continuous Duty (2.25 HP peak)
  • Speed Range: 0.5-10mph (0.8-16kph) with 5 quick speed keys
  • Incline: 12 levels with 5 quick incline keys
  • Running Area: 42cm (16.5") x 125cm (49.2")
  • Running Deck/Cushioning: 20mm, mounted on 6 shock absorbing supports
  • Running Belt: 2mm orthopaedic belt
  • Console: Very slim, flat blue back lit LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Speed, time, distance, calories, incline, HR control
  • Programmes: 15 (1 manual, 12 pre-set, 1 user defined and 1 heart rate)
  • User Profiles: 2 (age, gender, weight, height)
  • Compatible Applications: Kinomap
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse grips + wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Folding: Yes
  • Dimensions (in Use): Length=162cm (63.8”), Width=71cm (28”), Height=138cm (54.3”)
  • Dimensions (Folded): Length=94cm (37”), Width=71cm (28”), Height=147cm (57.9”)
  • Product Weight (Boxed): 66.5kg (146.6lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 100kg (220.4lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN EcoRun - User manual


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Is it suitable for someone who is over 6ft tall?


Does this have speakers ?

No, it does not.

What lubricant should be used with EcoRun belt?

Any generic treadmill lubricant will work absolutely fine.

What is my weight and height measured in?? KG and CM's

Yes, that's correct, kg and cm are used for the measurement for body.

Can you please tell me the height from the platform to the floor?

The height from the platform to the floor equals to five and a half inches.

Can you please tell me will this work with an Polar H7 HR strape?

All DKN Treadmills work on 5.3 kilohertz frequency and are non–coded. The H7 sensor operates on two frequencies: 5Khz analog frequency and 2.4Ghz Bluetooth frequency. We cannot guarantee compatibility with equipment that uses a 5.3Khz frequency though the analog 5Khz signal sent by the H7 may be detected as it is in close range.

Can the data from the app be uploaded to Strava, via a third party app?

Unfortunately not.

On the 12 preset runs the console shows 2 different profiles (one in white and a higher profile in red). When I use one of these programmes the treadmill follows the white profile, so what is the red line?

The reason for the two profiles is that one is indicating the speed profile and the other is the incline. The treadmill should be changing both the speed and incline of the machine whilst using the pre-set runs.

What is the distance measured in?

The distance on the DKN EcoRun Treadmill is measured in metric (Kilometres) and can not be changed to imperial (Miles) via the console, however, the option to change between Kilometres or Miles is provided when using the DKN iWorld tablet app.

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DKN EcoRun Treadmill Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 54 people with average rating of 4.8

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Excellent treadmill and great value for money

I love the treadmill but am disappointed by the DKN app that was a strong selling point. The treadmill itself is smooth and quiet. The hydraulic arm makes it very easy to fold up. The incline actions are smooth and steady.

very pleased with our DKN Ecorun treadmill it is just what we needed. The only concern is the heart rate monitor is not very accurate but this is easily remedied by using a wristwatch fit monitor that our son recommended to us. We are only using it for walking as we are both elderly but think it will help us to keep active and fit. Thank you for the good advice on buying this machine it is plenty big enough for our needs. We have only been using it for a couple of times but think the machine is quiet, and it folds easily which we wanted. How often should we lubricate the belt please?

It's a fantastic treadmill. Gym standard and great to use. The only criticism is the lack of drinks holder.

Good value for money, not over engineered like some models. DKN app on ipad makes it much more interesting to use. Thought the belt seemed narrow at first but fine when in use.

Brilliant service, amazing treadmill and very pleased

I bought this treadmill as it has interesting app based exercise features. Unfortunately the apps are bugged so much it detracts from the whole point of this treadmills selling feature. Its quiet and folds up and down easily. The control functions are easily adjusted. Its fairly cheap compared to similar treadmills. Don't buy this if you want the apps as the primary usage.

I am totally satisfied with my purchase of the DKN EcoRun Treadmill. It has all the features I was looking for in a treadmill i.e. folding, variable incline (0 to 12) and speed (1 to 14) plus 12 preset programmes with varying speeds/inclines. Useful calory burn and distance run/walked indicator and heart rate count. The machine was easy to put together - just a few bolts and tools supplied. The materials and build quality are excellent (very heavy). The motor is smooth and quiet. An annoying squeak developed after a couple of weeks when used on the incline, but this was cured by a few drops of thin oil on the bolts where the platform swivels on the incline - immediately back to silent running. Overall an excellent machine (I don't understand why anyone would spend a thousand pounds+ on a treadmill - what more can a treadmill do?????). I did check out other machines but I considered this offered best value for the money.

Well built piece of kit. Easy to assemble. Robust with a good-sized running width.

Great treadmill, relatively easy to assemble, relatively compact, relatively good value. Easy to use with a quick start button if you just want to jump on and run but also lots of programme options too with incline/speed buttons easy to reach. I'm an amateur runner but its perfect for training/run tops ups. Would not hesitate to recommend this product.

This treadmill is fantastic value for money and really sturdy with an amazingly effective shock absorption which can't be heard downstairs! Having had no gym or treadmill experience beforehand I find that the Heart Rate Chest Strap is really useful and together with the good selection of programs I have already lost weight, toned up and increased my fitness level in the 3 months I have had the machine, just by using it 3 times a week! I have not used the ‘DKN Run’ app yet but will do so as soon as I "up" my regime to 4 times a week which will be soon!

Excellent value for money, this treadmill has a lift up self dropping running platform and is solidly built. It is perfect for walking and jogging (too small for a 6foot man to run on though) and is fairly quiet in use. The incline levels make a real difference to the workout and the "cushioned deck" is nice to my knees. I only have two "gripes" 1- the DKN Run and iWorld apps freeze quite a bit and are a bit "buggy", 2 - the treadmill feet leave little black marks on our wooden floor so it needs mat of some sort (unless that's not an issue).

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