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DKN R-400 Rowing Machine

Our price £499.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

The DKN R-400 Rowing Machine is the new benchmark in Home Standard Rowing Machines. Built from the highest grade components it is an extremely durable piece of equipment which requires the very minimum of maintenance.


The framework on the R-400 is heavy gauge welded steel which provides a firm and stable platform ideal for serious training. The rowing action on the R-400 is extremely fluid and smooth enabling good posture.


The extra long double seating rail means that it is not only an extremely stable machine but also makes it suitable for even the tallest of rowing enthusiasts.


The user-friendly console offers a wide range of workout settings while a a blue-backlighted display mounting system lets you position it in such a way that any user can constantly monitor his or her training progress. You can flip between time, time/500m, strokes, distance, Watts, calories, pulse and load, and back again on the next stroke, without interrupting your rhythm.


In addition to the standard manual settings, adjustable up to 16 resistance levels, the programming includes 12 pre-programmed courses, 1 HRC programme and 2 user-defined options. It also offers an extremely motivating race course and a 500 m/split.

Our price £499.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

Key features

  • Flywheel: 11kg (24.2lbs)
  • Resistance: 16 levels air-magnetic resistance
  • Console: Adjustable blue backlit LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Time, time/500m, strokes, distance, Watts, calories, pulse, load
  • Programmes: 16 (manual, 12 pre-set, HRC, 2 user-defined) + race mode
  • Recovery Function: Yes
  • User Profiles: 4
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Wireless receiver + optional chest strap
  • Seat Rail: Extra-long 155cm (61”) double seating rail
  • Seat: Oversized, ergonomic, contoured seat
  • Footplates: Large footplates with adjustable straps
  • Cooling: Adjustable cooling vents
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Storage Holder: Yes
  • Max. User Weight: 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Product Weight: 63kg (138.9lbs)
  • Dimensions: Length=227.7cm (89.6”), Width=47.2cm (18.6”), Height=87.7cm (34.5”)
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN R-400 Rowing Machine Manual

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is it good for losing weight?

Absolutely! Rowing works on all the major muscle groups. You get a total body workout, improve cardiovascular health and burn fat while toning muscles. Rowing machine is effective for weight loss as it combines strength training and cardio workout. You can build up a good sweat while using it.

What controls the drive system?

DKN used SKF bearings and a Hutchinson V-belt to control the drive system and provide a combination of high endurance and noise reduction.

How stable is it when in use?

It is very stable thanks to its robust construction, solid build quality and a double seating rail.

Does it store upright?

Yes, the rower has a space-saving design and can be quickly and effortlessly stored upright.

Does the display show your heart rate and split time?

Yes. For heart rate measurement, you’ll need an optional chest strap and the display shows the time to reach 500m at a current pace. The R-400 provides continuous feedback on time, time/500m, strokes, distance, Watts, calories, pulse and load.

Can you measure your pulse on this machine?

Yes. You'll need a 5khz open frequency (uncoded) chest belt such as the Polar T31

How easy is it to assemble?

Assembly will take most people about an hour. We do offfer an installation service to most postcodes in England & Wales. If you'd like assembly just let us know when placing the order by putting your request into the special instructions and our team will contact you to get it arranged.

Is there are race mode where you can race against the computer?

Yes. There's a race mode, heart rate control mode, manual mode and preset workout modes

I'm 6' 3" - will this be suitable?

Yes absolutely. The rail on the R-400 is long enough and you'll be able to get a full stretch.

Is it battery operated or mains. If it's mains can u use it without plucking it in. Thxs

Hi. The R-400 is mains operated. You can use it without plugging it in, but the resistance will be very low and it won't be possible to adjust it.

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DKN R-400 Rowing Machine Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 15 people with average rating of 4.8

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I’ve had this for 3 weeks now and I’m really impressed. It’s big and heavy (as am I) and doesn’t notice at all when I get on with my session. It’s well built and is comfortable. No air rower is silent but this one’s really not too bad at all in terms of noise, which I think is down to the components that have been used. Doesn’t look like they’ve gone down the cheap route there. Well worth what I paid for it.

I’m really happy with my purchase. The rowing position feels good and I’m able to put 100% effort in while remaining comfortable. It’s also very sturdy and the rowing action feels smooth. Being an air rower it’s not the quietest, but it’s not so loud I can’t watch TV while I’m exercising. This is a very good rowing machine, but for the money, I think it’s outstanding so am giving it full marks.

Love it

Generally very impressed. Assembling the R-400 is pretty easy and took about an hour all told. The machine is quite large, so isn't ideal for a smaller household. It doesn't fold up but can be stored on its end and has wheels to maneuver around (though they are fixed, which can be a bit of a pain, when trying to turn the machine). The R-400 computer and screen give you a lot of different options, from manual, program and race, you can set different amount of resistance and length of row. This makes using the rowing machine more interesting to use. It is powered though the mains, so this is something that should be considered when buying. The seat is comfortable and as is the rowing position. there are vents to allow air to hit you if you want when rowing. The R-400 is relatively quiet, certainly quieter than most air rowers, I have used. Generally I am impressed but there are a couple of niggles. The foot rests are not as comfortable as I would have liked and the seat does stick a little, though this hasn't been a big issue. A very good rower for the price but not quite prefect.

After sometime trying to find a rowing machine that had a user weight limit to suit myself,i finally come across sweatband,just had it delivered the guys from panther were very polite and nothing was a problem, setting the rowing machine up took me about 45mins to build it was very easy to do,of course once built had to try it out I could not believe how quiet it was and the seat moved so smoothly on the rails,absolutely pleased with this purchase gonna get plenty of fun time with this great piece of kit. Would definitely recommend this r-400 machine to anyone looking for a rowing machine,even the wife and kids had to have a go on it and my wife even said it was better than the ones in her gym good work guys keep it up

I'm a tall bloke so I needed something with adequate sizing that would allow me to have a decent workout. This ticked all the boxes and since I've owned it , I have tried to use it nearly everyday! Great to use first thing in the morning - fasted cardio is the best way to burn fat and help you lose a bit of weight.

I have owned the rower for a month now and it has been used virtually every day! Great value for money, very stable and durable with lots of workout pre-sets. Really happy with my purchase!

Really impressive rower , very similar to what you use at the gym but for a fraction of the price.

The R-400 rowing machine is a very challenging and enjoyable way of exercising. I bought it to improve my general fitness and find rowing the perfect exercise for weight loss and back strengthening. I usually go for distance defined workouts and I’m quite impressed with the resistance offered by R-400. Also the seat of the machine slides smoothly and the frame feels solid and stable in comparison to my old machine. The electronic display of the R-400 is also a big advantage for the price. I’m giving it top marks!

We decided to buy a rowing machine to improve our fitness levels. The R400 has a good tension range and also provides a good selection of workout choices within its pre-set programmes. We were pleasantly surprised at the quietness of the machine and pleased with its smoothness, Also, for such a substantial machine, it's actually quite easy to move it around to put away when not in use!

The R-400 has been a good addition to our home gym. We purchased it to improve our general fitness and cardio performance and for this purpose the R-400 works well. It seems well-constructed and provides a comfortable workout position with the seat gliding very smoothly on the rail. The R-400 rower is certainly worth the money.

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