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iFit Live WiFi Module

Our price £99.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Fitness Accessories department.

The iFit Live WiFi module is a fantastic fitness tool that will help motivate you and get you hitting your targets. The device lets you download workouts straight to the compatible piece of equipment you are exercising on and will upload results automatically to your iFit.com profile. Workouts are powered by Google Maps™ which means you can train in locations around the globe from your own home and there are motivating sessions run by Jillian Michaels. iFit technology and the iFit Live app give you a world of fitness features and functions such as diet and nutrition advice and data analysis to inspire you onwards and upwards. Included with the module is a 1 year subscription to iFit.

Our price £99.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Fitness Accessories department.

Key features

  • Workouts powered by Google Maps™ allowing you to tour the world
  • Google Maps™ map view
  • iFit Technology
  • Wireless technology
  • Upload of user's results in real-time
  • Motivating workouts with Jillian Michaels
  • iFit Live™ app
Includes a 1 year subscription to iFit
Operating Requirements:
  • PC or MacIntosh computer with a USB port
  • Wireless 802.1b router with SSID broadcast enabled (hidden networks are not supported)
  • Internet connection (a broadband connection is strongly recommended; performance depends upon connection speed)

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Bought this WiFi module to use on my Nordic track cross trainer with iFit subscription, however after several attempts at installing and trying to sync to my home network failed as machine messages that it times out. Contacted support and was asked of the location of my trainer with regards to my router, cross trainer is in my integral garage whilst the router/sender is in the room adjacent in my lounge. I was told that the cross trainer had to be in the same room and next to the sender, well that's not going to happen, as the boss of the kitchen won't sanction that. Bearing in mind it's the next room and I live in a timber framed house and can get a good Wifi signal on my iPad and other devices to stream applications and YouTube. So just to ensure that is the advised problem I will have to move the trainer into the lounge to test and if the module does sync then I'll have to think of a work around in getting the router into the garage.

Very poor set-up instructions included, I needed to search online for better instructions. Lost Wifi signal a couple of times which means resetting (easy once done once). Lots of nice cycle routes to choose from and helps to create some structure and interest to the rides. Ability to design your own routes also useful. Google street view is fun, but is not a smooth experience, the image changes every few seconds (but understandable and expected). Price with exercise bike was good, but otherwise would be relatively expensive.

A bit fiddly to get connected at first. Nice functionality for scheduling different runs and tracking workouts. The street view is a fun gimmick but a bit Jerky at times. Pity the ifit dashboard does not synchronise with other devices used to track outside runs, like my garmin watch, and the ifit outside app is poor at best and support says they will not be fixing 5hw bugs.

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