DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym View

DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

A robust. high-quality, home multi gym featuring a wide range of workstations the DKN Studio 9000 is a great choice for anyone looking to increase muscle strength and tone. Through the intelligent use of its double pulley system, the Studio 9000 delivers loads in excess of its 75kg (165.3lbs) weight stack to ensure that you remain challenged as your strength improves. Maximum effective loads in excess of the weight stack range from 78kg (171.69lbs) for flys right the way up to a truly impressive 165kg (363.7lbs) for quadricep work. Stations include lateral pull down, chest press (narrow), chest press (wide), flys, quads, low pulley row, bicep curls, inner / outer leg kicks (ankle strap included), triceps, abdominals and there's even an option for adding a bolt-on, dedicated leg press module (sold separately). In addition, the seat, backrest and chest press are adjustable ensuring correct posture is maintained, enabling you to workout in safety and comfort. The DKN Studio 9000 is a truly comprehensive home gym that allows you to develop all areas of your body and will help you to get the physique you've always wanted. Made from heavy duty tubular steel this high-grade multi gym will stand the test of time and is an ideal choice for any gym enthusiast.

York Perform Multi Gym View

York Perform Multi Gym

The York Perform is a superb mid range multi gym that not only looks great, but also provides maximum safety, stability and functionality. The 100kg weight stack provides 100kg maximum resistance on all of workout stations, while the sealed bearings ensure a smooth workout with no pulling or sticking. The York Perform is a highly versatile machine that provides a great range of stations, including chest press, peck deck, leg extension, arm curl, low rowing position and lat pull.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer View

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer is designed for performing weight resistance exercises and helps to gain more strength, increase stamina, coordination and lose weight. It features a heavy duty 2 x 4" oval 11 gauge tubular steel frame and offers dual independent weight stacks weighing 73kg (160lbs) each with an option to add 2 x 23kg (50lbs). The trainer has a maintenance free powder coated finish for added durability and is supplied with fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys. It comes with a multi-functional belt, an easy curl bar, a straight bar, an angle cuff, a swing handle, a tricep rope, 2 x single handles, 2 x 5lbs add-on weights and an instructional flip chart.

Weider 8700 Multi Gym View

Weider 8700 Multi Gym

The Weider 8700 multi gym has a 57kg (125lbs) weight stack, which provides up to 150kg (330lbs) of resistance on certain exercises. With a chest press, chest fly, high and low pulley with a bicep curl pad, you can perform a number of strength exercises. The lat bar enables you to engage in triceps workout, while the four-roller leg unit helps work on the quad and hamstring muscles. The accessories supplied with the Weider 8700 multi gym include a preacher curl pad, ankle strap with handle, and an exercise chart designed to make your workout more varied and engaging.

V-fit Herculean Cobra Lay Flat Multi Gym View

V-fit Herculean Cobra Lay Flat Multi Gym

The V-fit LFG2 Herculean Cobra Lay Flat Home Multi Gym is a practical and efficient single station multi gym with at least one exercise per muscle group in the body. With a maximum resistance of 64kg (141lbs), this multi function home use multi gym is a great workout for every user.

Inspire Fitness BL1 Body Lift Multi Gym View

Inspire Fitness BL1 Body Lift Multi Gym

Inspire Fitness BL1 Body Lift multi gym boasts a smart and straightforward design that utilises user weight instead of stacks and weight plates. It gives a broader range of resistance with 15 possible adjustment levels each corresponding to 10% of the user weight (e.g. level 1 = 10%, level 5 = 50%). This robust workout station is designed to last thanks to a heavy duty 2 x 4" oval 11-gauge tubular steel frame and fibre glass reinforced nylon pulleys. Also, it ensures a greater variety of exercises with extended range of motion and by including 4 standard positions of the press station and 4 reverse ones, there is also a motion cable system ensuring enhanced mobility and coordination. Moreover, the multi-gym is excellent for full-body workouts and training essential muscle groups including, core, shoulders, chest, traps, back muscles and legs. Additionally, to ensure even more muscle-building possibilities and excellent endurance practice, the multi gym comes with a selection of accessories: 48" steel lat bar, 18" revolving curl bar and full colour exercise wall chart.


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Multi Gyms

Multi Gyms are a great option for anyone wanting to engage in a strength training program, they offer an excellent range of exercises, they fit into a very compact area and they also offer quick and easy adjustment of weight, most multi gyms come with a weight stack where you simply move a selector pin to adjust the weight rather than having to change weight plates as you would on a barbell or smith machine.

Entry level prices in multi gyms generally have quite a small weight stack, a slim frame, and the thickness of the upholstery can be quite modest, as you move up in price the size of the weight stack generally increases and the size of the frame will also become more substantial giving a much more solid feel to the machine, comfort is also upgraded through better quality and thickness of upholstery.

The degree to which you can customise the frame also changes, many entry level models will not allow you to adjust the seat height, but, as you look at better models, most will allow you to alter the seat to one of several positions, some models also allow you to change the angle of the backrest, this is important to ensure you are well supported as you work out and becomes even more important as you improve and start to handle heavier weights.

The quality of the movement also varies quite dramatically according to how much you are prepared to invest in your machine, entry level models do not tend to be as smooth and you can generally feel some friction as the weights travel, mid-price models will feel better and smoother, and at the higher end of the price range the quality of engineering and features such as solid guide rods for the weight stack make movements feel considerably different to a lower priced model, it will be much smoother and retain a friction free feel even when you move the weights quite slowly.

Frames on higher priced multi gyms sometimes have extra features built into them allowing a wider range of more specialised exercises, it’s worth fully investigating these options before you buy.

Something else we recommend you consider is which features are important to you because different models will offer different benefits at certain price points, for example, one model may offer a large weight stack but very little option to customise the seat or may offer a more limited range of exercises, another model in the same price area may compromise slightly on the size of the weight stack but offer better options in number of exercises or comfort, it all depends what is important to you.

Sweatband.com has an excellent range of multi gyms covering all these various features and can offer you leading brands such as Weider, York, DKN, V-fit, Adidas, Kettler, Marcy and Inspire, all are competitively priced and with free of charge UK delivery (mainland only).

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