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NordicTrack Activator V7 Vibration Platform

Our price £499.99
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Vibration Plates department.

The NordicTrack Activator V7 Vibration Platform gives you the ability to maximise your workout so you lose weight quicker than ever. Combining the support of a stabilising handle with the convenience of selectable dumbbells, the V7 will help you achieve the most versatile exercise possible. Order the V7 today and enjoy even quicker results with dumbbell resistance training.

Our price £499.99
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Vibration Plates department.

Key features

  • Vibration Training Has Been Shown To: Provide a time efficient exercise, Help boost the metabolism and burn more energy, Help build core strength, balance and coordination and Increase muscle mass and improves tone.
  • Stabilising Handle Bar: Easy-to-grip handle bar provides support and comfort to your training.
  • Oversized, Non-Slip Workout Surface: The oversized platform allows for more movement and a more comfortable training experience.
  • Workout DVD & Exercise Chart: Take the guesswork out of your workout with the included Workout DVD. Step-by-step instruction will guide you through your workout with the NordicTrack V7.
  • 25-35 HZ Vibration Frequency: As there is an spontaneous muscle response to vibration, the muscle contracts at the same frequency as the HZ of the platform. e.g, at 30 HZ for 30 seconds, a muscle will contract 900 times.This means more muscle is being used in a small amount of time, allowing you to get great results quicker.
  • Time Settings: 30, 45, 60 seconds
  • 10 kg (2 x 5kg) Weight Set included: Build muscle fast with this built-in weight set that gives you up to 10 kg of weight resistance.
  • Powerful Motor and Isolation Shocks: This strong motor and shock system delivers the optimal amount of vibration and displacement for quicker results.
  • Programmes: iFit Workout Card Technology
  • Max Weight Capacity: 140kg


User's Manual Exercise Chart

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I have bought this machine used in August of 2019. Its a low end machine in the better machine category. From the price listed here, my $200 Cdn is a great deal. The machine fulfills all functions except the Hi-Low setting, which is really AMPLITUDE or mm of platform travel. Other than that, the V7 has the triplanar movement, 25, 30 and 35 hrz oscillation speed, a very large platform (make sure you have room) and included adjustable dumbells - 2.5 - 15 lbs each. I'm happy with this deal despite it may be hard to get parts. Look around for great used deals. I saw a $3500 machine used for $980..asking price. The question with all this gym equipment is - WILL I USE IT? Time will tell.

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