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Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike

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The Viavito Onyx folding exercise bike is a convenient and practical piece of equipment that will help you get in shape and work your lower body. There are 8 levels of manually-controlled magnetic resistance and the cast iron flywheel weighs 1.2kg (2.6lbs) and is friction-free, encouraging smoother motion. This indoor cycle is strong but light and easy to fold up and store after use, making it very space-efficient and an excellent choice for use at home. The single LCD console will display a full range of live session feedback including time, speed, distance, calories, odometer and your pulse when using the hand pulse sensors. The saddle is padded and you can adjust the height to suit you, and the foot straps on the self-presenting pedals are also adjustable.

Our price £84.99
Availability: in stock!
Save an Additional 5% on this Product!
To redeem the voucher, please enter the code SAVE5 on the basket page.

Key features

  • Compact foldable design for easy storage
  • Flywheel: 1.2kg (2.6lbs) cast iron flywheel with multi plate magnets
  • Resistance: 8 levels of silent, friction-free magnetic resistance
  • Console Display: LCD
  • Console Feedback: Time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, odometer
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse sensors
  • Extra padded PVC seat with adjustable height
  • Self-presenting non-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps
  • Fixed handlebars
  • Pin knob secures the bike when folded
  • Seat Height: 80.5cm-91cm (31.7"-35.8")
  • Dimensions (in use): Length=81cm (32”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=107cm (42”)
  • Dimensions (folded): Length=33cm (12.9”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=136cm (53.5”)
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Product Weight: 13.9kg (30.6lbs)
  • Power: Console is powered with two AA batteries (included)
  • EN-957 Certificate - European Safety compliant
  • Warranty: 2 years


Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike - User Manual

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My partner is 6ft 2inches. Is it ok for a person this height?

Yes, Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike is perfect for this height.

Is this good for building legs muscles?

Yes, all cycling is good for building both endurance and strength in the leg muscles.

I am four feet nine tall and 6 and half stone. Is it ok for me?

Yes, Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike would be perfect for you.

Do I have to do any assembly on this model?

It is not assembled, but you can do it by yourself, the installation is quite easy. All the assembly steps you may find in the User Manual (available under the product description in the pdf file), which is user friendly.

Would this be suitable for a person who is 6 foot tall?

Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike is perfectly suited to someone of that height.

What is the maximum distance from pedal to seat?

At the highest adjustment of the seat it is 90cm from the floor. It is also 75cm from the pedal at the lowest point and 52cm from the pedal at the highest point.

What is the weight limit of person that can use this?

The maximum user weight for this product is 100kg.

My wife is only 5 feet tall- would this bike be adjustable for her to reach the pedals easily?

The saddle is adjustable so she would be able to use this bike.

Can the resistance be set at zero? (I am recovering from a knee operation, and I have to start with zero resistance.)

The bike can be set at zero resistance.

What are the dimensions when folded?

Folded Dimensions of the Bike: Length=33cm (12.9”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=136cm (53.5”)

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Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

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Excellent value, doesn't have all the 'bells and buzzers' of some more expensive models, but good enough for us.

Very good product very pleased with it

This is a great exercise bike. Sturdy, good grip and comfortable cushioned seat. This static bike can be used by anyone. It's easy to carry around, doesn't take much space when folded, has a good range of resistance levels as well as seat adjustments. The only downside is that you have to manually unscrew and screw whenever you need to change the height of the seat. But again, the overall features are excellent for the price.

For the price, this is a terrific exercise bike. The seat and handlebar adjustments are easy, and make it comfortable for almost anyone. It feels solid and stable when riding it, and doesn't move around even when I'm pedalling hard. It does not have a "cheap" feel; it is a solid piece of equipent. Big plus for me - it can be moved anywhere easily. The only criticism is the little monitor is very difficult to read! But you really cannot beat this bike for the price.

Having sustained a serious knee injury whilst skiing, my physio strongly recommended purchasing an exercise bike. I've been very pleased with this bike. I started on resistance of 1 and am now up to 5. I use it every day and it's been, and will continue to be, a vital part of my recovery. It was easy to put the pedals and seat on. The display system was easy to connect up and works fine.

A very sturdy and well-made bike. The only disappointment is the computer. For example, instead of showing the correct reading for the heart rate it starts at 72 bpm and slowly changes up or down to the correct rate never giving an instant reading. If I put on a spurt of pedalling, quickly raising my heart rate to say 150, the computer slowly shows 72 ..73 ..74..and on. The little beating heart is pulsing at the right rate, but the reading is still slowly counting its way up the scale. Not really useful.


Great value for money easy to assemble and fold up would definately recommend this exercise bike

I am 6' 2" and 100kg. This is at the top of what the bike can take weight wise. My wife is 5' 10" so it's good for her too (but much lighter!). For us the bike is perfect. It folds away easily, gives you a good idea of mileage heart rate etc. and I found it easy enough to construct in about 20mins.

Excellent bike. Easy to use and move around

This is a very sturdy product especially for the price HOWEVER bought this exercise bike for an arthritic knee but not only is there not much space between the saddle and handlebars, the saddle at its absolute lowest comes well above my waist (there is plenty of room on the post for extra holes to have been made WE ARE NOT ALL TALL). If I stand on steps to enable me to reach and swing my leg over the saddle I am so high up I feel rather unsteady and then the steps are in the way for me to peddle, therefore I need an assistant! Comedy galore - what a site, all thoughts of me hopping on for 15 minutes every now and then have flown out of the window along with my £89. It is now a completely useless lump of an ornament in the corner of my bedroom which I have never used...... give me an ornament any day. On the plus side ordering was easy and super quick delivery.

Excellent . Just what I needed.

with discount code was another £10 off PLUS free delivery. Nothing of this quality available at anywhere near this low price. Very satisfied with an excellent product, delivered free & very quickly, at an excellent price.

Excellent, well made product and good value for money.

Sturdy construction with good stability, good purchase at a great price.

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