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Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike

Our price £92.99
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The Viavito Onyx folding exercise bike is a convenient and practical piece of equipment that will help you get in shape and work your lower body. There are 8 levels of manually-controlled magnetic resistance and the cast iron flywheel weighs 1.2kg (2.6lbs) and is friction-free, encouraging smoother motion. This indoor cycle is strong but light and easy to fold up and store after use, making it very space-efficient and an excellent choice for use at home. The single LCD console will display a full range of live session feedback including time, speed, distance, calories, odometer and your pulse when using the hand pulse sensors. The saddle is padded and you can adjust the height to suit you, and the foot straps on the self-presenting pedals are also adjustable.

Our price £92.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Compact foldable design for easy storage
  • Flywheel: 1.2kg (2.6lbs) cast iron flywheel with multi plate magnets
  • Resistance: 8 levels of silent, friction-free magnetic resistance
  • Console Display: LCD
  • Console Feedback: Time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, odometer
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Hand pulse sensors
  • Extra padded PVC seat with adjustable height
  • Self-presenting non-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps
  • Fixed handlebars
  • Pin knob secures the bike when folded
  • Seat Height: 80.5cm-91cm (31.7"-35.8")
  • Dimensions (in use): Length=81cm (32”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=107cm (42”)
  • Dimensions (folded): Length=33cm (12.9”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=136cm (53.5”)
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Product Weight: 13.9kg (30.6lbs)
  • Power: Console is powered with two AA batteries (included)
  • EN-957 Certificate - European Safety compliant
  • Warranty: 2 years


Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike - User Manual

Product Questions and Answers (12)

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I am 5'8 and when sitting on the seat I want the leg in the lower pedal to be absolutely straight will that be so?

Of course it depends on body proportions but the bike is suitable for a person of that height. At the highest adjustment of the seat, it is 75cm (29.5") from the pedal at the lowest point.

Is this good for decreasing belly fat?

Yes, regular workouts on the Onyx exercise bike will help you tone your legs, thighs and buttocks and allow for strengthening your arms, back and abdominal muscles which enable you to maintain a correct position while exercising and therefore also work.

My partner is 6ft 2inches. Is it ok for a person this height?

Yes, Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike is perfect for this height.

Is this good for building legs muscles?

Yes, all cycling is good for building both endurance and strength in the leg muscles.

I am four feet nine tall and 6 and half stone. Is it ok for me?

Yes, Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike would be perfect for you.

Do I have to do any assembly on this model?

It is not assembled, but you can do it by yourself, the installation is quite easy. All the assembly steps you may find in the User Manual (available under the product description in the pdf file), which is user friendly.

Would this be suitable for a person who is 6 foot tall?

Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike is perfectly suited to someone of that height.

What is the maximum distance from pedal to seat?

At the highest adjustment of the seat it is 90cm from the floor. It is also 75cm from the pedal at the lowest point and 52cm from the pedal at the highest point.

What is the weight limit of person that can use this?

The maximum user weight for this product is 100kg.

My wife is only 5 feet tall- would this bike be adjustable for her to reach the pedals easily?

The saddle is adjustable so she would be able to use this bike.

Can the resistance be set at zero? (I am recovering from a knee operation, and I have to start with zero resistance.)

The bike can be set at zero resistance.

What are the dimensions when folded?

Folded Dimensions of the Bike: Length=33cm (12.9”), Width=41cm (16.1”), Height=136cm (53.5”)

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Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

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Easy to assemble and good to use.We had very prompt service with a replacement bike when there was a mechanical failure on our original bike. Good value for money

I do not go to gym and was not so keen to have a bike either. But my husband was worried about me that I started to put on weight/bingy eating due to stress!! So I finally agreed to buy and searched for reliable products and I thought I can trust this one. I am now so glad that I bought ONYX, very stable/strong, quiet and easy to put away. I Exercise while watching TV, listening to music, radio and I start singing and felt much better after got off the bike. The Owner's Manual was really detailed and I followed the Beginner's Guide to Exercise /Workout Tips/Tips for Stretching etc. Now just over a month passed, I have gradually built up stamina and enjoying much longer time. (20min/3-4 times a day) Whenever I feel stress out, Not go to the kitchen, Get on the Bike and start paddlling and sing aloud!!! (like hamster!) I lost a few pound already but, more than anything, I am much appreciated it that ONYX helped my Well-being, I feel much better and positive. My friends noticed the change in me!! The ONYX is not just a bike, it my Stress Buster Buddy!!! I have recommended to a few friends already!! We can encourage each other to move forward, even a little bit, from every difficult issue we may have. Very good, very reliable and much affordable price. Exercise and Laughter are the best Medicine!!! Hightly recommended.

A brilliant replacement for my 20 year-old exercise bike. Easy to use, many features and lightweight to move

Not impressed by the product but really impressed by the business and customer service from sweatband. They have been proactive and excellent.

Easy to assemble with good solid screws, nicely padded seat, very sturdy compared to many home exercise bikes. Folds up nicely when not in use, and is sturdy enough not to move across the floor in use. I have only used it several times so far and in short bursts, but the display is clear and easy to understand. Nothing flimsy or cheap looking about it, great value for money. So far, so good.

Broke after two uses. Really disappointed.

A very good exercise bike ,, the folding feature is easy too use so its easily folded away..would recommend this product .

I am very pleased with my exercise bike and it is used every day and hopefully will help my recovery.

Great value, simple construction, space saving when folded. Stored in a small shed on the deck outside our retirement flat, it is easy to pull out and replace, and exercise in the open air. The central hinge pin folding mechanism works well, with a removable pin to allow the frame to open. Very smooth operation with easy load change knob below the handle bars, operating a magnetic load brake. For a couple of 85 year olds to get hip, leg and knee joints working it is fine. It may not suit a purist and I am not sure about the accuracy of the small screen output for distance, speed, calories burned and pulse rate. However, the timer is fine and the increase in pulse rate with effort is noticeable. The only criticism I would have is the method of seat height adjustment. This involves locating an appropriate hole (which cannot be seen) in the saddle post opposite the hole on the main frame and then screwing in a fixing bolt. This is OK if only one person is to use it, but changing the seat height to suit two different individuals is rather irritating. It would be better if a round tube were welded into the rectangular from and a standard round tubular seat post were used, with the now standard quick adjustment lever bolt as on most bikes. This would also allow selection of a different saddle is desired. However, I do not feel this niggle is sufficient to mark down the overall rating from 5 star. All we need to do now is keep using it and taking the tablets...!!

As a 73 year-old it was surprisingly easy to put together. It is sturdy and easy to fold up, although I have it facing my desktop and once I find a good programme on catch-up it just stays where it is and I can pedal away!

I bought it for my husband who needed a static bike to aid recovery from a torn meniscus in his knee. The folding mechanism is very good however the bike is quite heavy to take out twice a day, so he leaves it up. It was easy to construct, comfortable to sit on and has a really good range of functions. His condition has improved significantly and he will continue to use it to strengthen the muscles around his knee. Excellent product

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