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Pads & Shields Buying Guide

June 2, 2021 3 min read
Pads & Shields Buying Guide Pads & Shields Buying Guide

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    The pads you use can affect everything from how hard you can hit to how fast you can move, both of which will affect how you train. Different types of pads and shields will have different benefits for you, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before buying your boxing pads. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to pick the perfect pads based on your style and sport, to take your performance to the next level.

    Types of pads & shields:

    Focus pads

    Focus pads are worn on the hands and allow the wearer to move them around at considerable speed. They are particularly well suited for boxers, as well as those looking to improve their speed and coordination. 

    Thai pads

    Thai pads are large pads that are held on the forearms and cover most of the user’s body. They get their name as they are designed for use in Muay Thai, Thai Kickboxing, or any similar sport where you can use a combination of both punches and kicks. 

    Strike shields

    Strike shields are remarkably similar to Thai pads, in that they are designed to absorb both punches and kicks. The main difference is that they tend to be shorter, so are more designed for sports that don’t require you to protect the lower parts of your body as much. 

    Body pads

    Body pads, or body shields as they are also known, are pieces of equipment that are actually designed to be worn on a user’s body. They provide much less protection but significantly increase mobility, so are perfect when trying to recreate a traditional fight in preparation for a match.

    Other things to consider 


    The simple nature of the product means that it will have to stand up to a considerable amount of wear and tear throughout its life. If you plan to use your pads or shields frequently or for extended periods of time, consider going for one of the more durable options, even if that means you have to spend a little more money to do so. 


    The weight of a pad or shield will affect not only how comfortable you are while wearing it but also how easy it is to move in. Make sure the weight of the item you select is suitable for your own frame and strength. 


    Comfort is an essential point to consider, as you won’t be able to properly focus on the task at hand if you are uncomfortable. This is particularly important for anyone expecting to wear their pads or shields for a long period of time, so be sure you select an option that is as comfortable as possible. 


    Selecting the correct size for a pad or shield is vital for a number of reasons. Select one that is too small, and not only will it be uncomfortably tight, but it also may not protect everywhere that it is supposed to. 

    However, get one that is too large, and it will slip around, providing little to no protection. Make sure you select a pad or shield that is exactly the correct size, so that you obtain maximum levels of both comfort and protection.

    Ability level

    Your ability level can affect the pads or shields you will need in a number of ways. It can dictate how often or long you will be using it for, the skill of the opposition you will be facing, how much mobility you will need, how much of a beating it will have to take, and even the areas it will need to protect. 

    Make sure you factor all of this in when determining which item best balances all of your needs.

    Your budget 

    While pads and shields aren’t items that generally sell for extortionate fees, they can still get reasonably pricey at the top end. Set yourself a clear budget from the outset, so you don’t waste your time analysing a product you aren’t willing or able to pay for in the first place. 

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