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Protein shakes, protein powders and bars

June 30, 2021 1 min read
Protein shakes, protein powders and bars Protein shakes, protein powders and bars

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    Protein is the key to muscle recovery, growth and repair. Not only does adequate protein intake support exercise performance and endurance, but protein can help you meet your body mass goals, whether that's to lose or gain weight.

    Protein supplements in particular provide ready to use amino acids, which can instantly support your body when active. 

    To make it super easy to incorporate additional protein into your diet, we have a wide selection of protein powders, bars and blends.

    What does protein powder do?

    We offer many different types of protein powders and it can be hard to choose- make life easier with our simple guide: 

    Whey protein powder

    Mainly used to encourage muscle growth, support lean body mass and aid recovery. Whey protein contains many essential amino acids and is a popular choice for muscle growth when used after exercise.

    Vegan protein powder

    Providing a top-up of key amino acids, vegan protein is a great way of ensuring adequate essential AA intake and can be an asset for muscle growth for a vegan athlete.

    Weight gainers

    High in both calories and protein, weight gaining protein powders are an invaluable way to help you bulk out and increase your muscle mass rapidly and efficiently.

    Casein protein powder

    This is the one to go for when you want to recover post-exercise. Slower to digest than other protein powders, casein helps muscle recovery and repair so you can get back to action quicker. 

    In this article