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A guide to Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

June 30, 2021 1 min read
A guide to Vitamin and Mineral Supplements A guide to Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

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    Our good health depends on having optimum vitamin and mineral intake.

    Despite our best intentions, it can be hard to always eat right, so it's nice to know we have the support of supplements when we need them. 

    We host an extensive range of vitamin and mineral supplementation, as well as omega 3’s, greens and ‘superfoods’ to improve your health from the inside out.

    It can be difficult to know what to choose, so use our guide below to help you on your way. 

    What are vitamins and minerals?

    Vitamins and minerals are types of essential micronutrients which the body needs to function well. They all have different roles in the body, but work best together, when in the right amounts. They can influence everything from energy metabolism and immune response to hormone production and digestion.

    What are the benefits of vitamins and minerals?

    Fish oils and omegas

    Typically omegas help to balance out inflammation in the body, and there is a strong clinical evidence base for omega 3 (particularly DHA + EPA) supporting both brain and heart health in the longer term.

    Greens and superfoods 

    On top of a nutrient-dense diet and appropriate supplementation, we can optimise our health with the addition of green powders and ‘superfoods’. Green powders are usually rich in valuable micronutrients and specific superfoods can support our general health in various ways.

    Immune system health

    We rely on adequate intake of key nutrients to allow our immune system to do its job of protecting us against threats. For example, vitamin D helps support our production of immune cells and reduces unnecessary inflammation in the body which can reduce general immune function.


    We often focus on vitamins when we think about micronutrients, but actually, minerals are just as crucial. For example, magnesium can increase our energy, improve our sleep and help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.


    Nutrients work best together, so multivitamins allow us to get a good range of vitamins to support our general health. They can help to top up our daily diet and support areas from energy to immunity.


    Specific vitamins can be useful for individual needs- for example B12 is essential for vegans and Iron can be a real asset to women under 50.

    In this article