York Fitness Push Up Stands View

York Fitness Push Up Stands

Great for strength and muscle development, the York Fitness push up stands allow for safe and effective body weight training sessions with minimum impact on the joints. These solid and durable push up grips ensure an increased range of motion and help you get the most out of each rep thanks to a non-slip, ergonomic handle design. To provide a firm, comfortable and secure hold and let you intensify the effects of push ups, the stands feature padded foam grips that decrease pressure on the wrists. The stands allow for a deeper push up to maximize muscle activation and have a flat base platform for added safety and stability. They are designed for challenging upper body workouts and building strength and endurance in the chest, arms, shoulders, core, and back muscles. The stands are supplied as a pair.

ExaFit Mens Exercise Gloves View

ExaFit Mens Exercise Gloves

Providing a firm hold and a secure fit, the ExaFit men’s exercise gloves are a perfect companion for gym training, weightlifting, cycling or CrossFit classes. They have a hand-hugging design, and the padded palms ensure added protection and a soft feel. Quick adjustment is possible due to Velcro closure and there are finger tabs enabling you to quickly put the gloves on or take them off. Plus, they are lightweight and breathable and have been made to help strengthen your grip.

Viavito 2.5kg Weighted Vest View

Viavito 2.5kg Weighted Vest

You don't have to be a pro athlete to benefit from using a weighed vest. Increase the intensity of any activity or exercise with the Viavito 2.5kg weighted vest.  Simply put it on and go about your daily activities and the additional weight provided by this vest can significantly boost natural calorie burn. Wear it while going for walks and hikes, when performing aerobic exercises and cycling, or add extra load during your sprinting, speedwork or circuit training and really push yourself to achieve significant improvements in strength, endurance and power. This adjustable, one-size fits all weighted vest is filled with iron sand and made from neoprene for softness and comfort.

York Wrist and Ankle Weights View

York Wrist and Ankle Weights

Build muscle and burn more calories while exercising with the York wrist and ankle weights. These practical wearable weights are designed for increasing workout intensity and effectiveness. They ensure a secure and comfortable fit thanks to a strong Velcro closure with a buckle. The weights are perfect for toning and strengthening thighs, calves, hips, arms, chest, core and shoulders. They are suitable for both standing and seated exercises and can be used statically for stretching, as well as dynamically for resistance training. These versatile and portable training tools with a contoured padding are produced from Cordura-style nylon making them tough and durable. Plus, they are sold as a pair.

ExaFit Ladies Exercise Gloves View

ExaFit Ladies Exercise Gloves

Suitable for your regular fitness training, weightlifting sessions and CrossFit classes, the ExaFit ladies exercise gloves ensure an optimum fit and a good grip while working out. They are easy to put on and take off thanks to convenient finger tabs and have a Velcro closure for easy adjustment. These lightweight and breathable gloves offer padded palms for added comfort and support. Plus, they feature a hand-hugging design and help to prevent blisters.

York Resistance Tube with Handles View

York Resistance Tube with Handles

The York resistance tube with handles is designed for low-impact total body workouts and helps to improve joint mobility, strength and flexibility. This lightweight and practical resistance tube is made for users of all fitness levels and allows for adding challenge and variety to your workouts. It can be used during yoga practice or Pilates workouts and features ergonomically designed and padded easy grip handles delivering a firm and comfortable hold. Ensuring easy portability and space-efficient storage, the tube is ideal for use at home, in the office or while travelling. Plus, the tube is easy to use and suitable for rehabilitation purposes.


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