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Welcome to the running technology department at where you’ll find all the devices and pieces of equipment you need to support your running, including watches, bands, sensors, headphones and accessories. 

Running technology has come a long way in recent years. While the simple pedometer still exists, most pieces of technology nowadays offer many more features and functions. Expect watches to measure distance, steps, calories burnt and more advanced ones to offer GPS functionality with route tracking, altitude, pace and lap times and loads more. Heart rate measurement on right your wrist is another fantastic feature and helps you to optimise your training and work out in the correct heart rate zones for you.

There are different designs available from traditional watch-shape devices to bands and sensors. The watches will have screens so you can follow your workout progress live and then allow you to get more in-depth feedback and data analysis by pairing with apps on a smartphone or tablet, or with a PC or laptop. Bands and sensors may not have screens or may have simpler functions on the device, but then give you a world of tools on the apps or web services. These effective tools can really help you get the most out of your running and spot areas for improvement.

Music is a great motivator and can help spur you on during sessions. Whether you’re listening on your mp3 player or on a running watch that has music functions, you need a quality pair of headphones designed for running or playing sports. Running earphones will reduce background noise whilst delivering high-quality sound and staying comfortably in place as you move. There are also pairs of running and sports headphones that are made to keep you safer thanks to open ear designs.

On this page, you’ll find the technology you need to support your running and even give it a boost, and you can buy confidently here at knowing that we’ve been selling running products for over a decade both online and in our store in London.