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DKN AM-5i Ergo Exercise Bike

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The DKN AM-5i ergo exercise bike is a strong and stable machine designed for home use but made from quality commercial-grade components.  The 11kg (24.2lbs) flywheel delivers smooth cycling and you can challenge yourself using the 32 computer-controlled resistance levels and 18 programmes including 1 manual, 3 user-defined, 12 pre-set, as well as heart rate control and Watt training options.


The 2 colour backlit LCD display console shows your live workout feedback and has a built-in wireless receiver so you can use a chest strap (not included) to do the heart rate workouts. The 12 workouts are displayed on the user-friendly console so you can get pedalling quickly and there is a convenient tablet holder as well.


This indoor cycle is compatible with the excellent DKN Motion and DKN iWorld apps for iOS and Android tablets. The apps let you cycle anywhere around the world from your front room and offer many other great functions such as more workouts, user profiles to customise calories burned feedback, data storage and sharing, and controlling the bike itself via the apps.


The seat is padded and adjustable horizontally and vertically and the angle of the handlebars, on which you will find the pulse grip sensors, can be changed as well, letting you find the perfect workout position every time. The ergonomic design and low centre of the bike make getting on and off it very easy. The maximum user weight is 140kg (308.6lbs).

Our price £339.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Flywheel Weight: 11kg (24.2lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels, Magnetic Computer Controlled
  • Drive: Poly V-belt
  • Console: 2 Colour, Backlit LCD
  • Feedback: Time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, Watt, HR control
  • Programmes: 18 (manual, 3 user-defined, 12 pre-set, HRC and continue Watt programme)
  • User Profiles: up to 12 (with DKN-Motion Application)
  • Heart Rate Measurement: hand grip sensors + wireless receiver (chest strap not included)
  • Tablet Holder: Yes
  • Availble Tablet App: DKN Motion, DKN iWorld (free download from iTunes or Google Play Store)
  • Tablet Compatibility for DKN-Motion: iPad, iPad Mini and Android tablets (3.1 or higher and 1280 x 800 resolution for Android)
  • iPad Compatibility for DKN iWorld: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini
  • Key DKN Motion Features: Intuitive Controls, 12 User Profiles, iRoutes, Preset Programmes, Heart Rate Control, Watt Control, Storage Capacity of 10 Exercise Session Data per User Profile
  • Adjustable Seat: Yes
  • Product Weight: 39kg (86lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Dimensions: Length=98cm (38.6”), Width=62cm (24.4”), Height=152cm (60”)
  • Warranty: 2 years


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Is it safe to use with a pacemaker and hip replacement?

The bike is a safe workout option, however you should speak to your doctor before undertaking any exercise.

Is distance measured in miles or kilometers?

If using only console on machine, it can be switched from km to miles easily. If using the DKN app on tablet, console should be left on km and app should be configured to miles in Settings.

How easy to assemble?

Assembly of this DKN Exercise Bike takes about 30 minutes, and is a 'no brainer'.

Does the i-world app work with and android tablet?

The i-world app works with an android tablet (version 3.1/4.0 and 4.1).

Is it easy to move?

The bike has wheels for easy transport located at the front of the bike.

Which heart rate monitor is compatible with this bike?

This bike is compatible with a Polar T31 or DKN Heart rate transmitter.

Does this bike have heart rate measurement?

You can measure your Heart Rate via the pulse sensors on the bike or by using a heart rate monitor.

Is the handlebar position adjustable?

Yes, the handlebars are adjustable and can be moved closer and further away from you.

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DKN AM-5i Ergo Exercise Bike Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 43 people with average rating of 4.8

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Good piece of equipment well built and easy to build up as most of the fixings are already in situ Menus could be easier though and the ipad app could be better

I've had this bike about a month now and its amazing . It's sturdy, has lots of programs and looks nice too (white/silver) It's as good as any gym bike that I've used before.

sturdy , quiet and not taking too much space. great product.

The box arrived slightly damaged due to the poor delivery guy lifting it him self fortunately the packaging is well designed. The cycle was extremely easy to assemble and compared to my last much lighter. The cycle is very stable with seat and handles easily adjustable. The electronic screen with functions are simple to set. The complete cycle is extremely quite in use and a joy to use. I have not attempted to use the blue tooth connection yet so can't comment. Soon :)

Good value for money. Solid feel like heavy duty fitness club bikes. Good build quality and all the features I require except that the heart rate readout from the grips is very high compared to actual.

Easy to assemble didn't argue once with the other half when assembling! Very good value for money and easy to move around, does not need a great deal of space to place. Excellent functions although control buttons could be more robust however do work well and easy to programme. Highly recommend.

We bought this for family use - we are not fitness experts. The bike has proved very good for what we want. The resistance settings make it harder to pedal as you increase the settings - I can only manage settings 1-3 although my daughter claims she can pedal on much higher settings. There are various programmes which we are gradually exploring. The holder feature for an iPad is useful - so you can play music or watch a programme while you exercise. The bike was relatively easy to put together - the instructions are ok to follow - it took me about an hour to do.

This feature rich exercise bike is incredible value for money. I compared others before choosing the DKN AM-5i, and am pleased that I did. It was not difficult to assemble and the weight and strength of the frame are very good. There are plenty of programmes to pit yourself against as well as a freeform one. It is east to adjust so that both my 5'2" wife and my 6' self can quickly and easily use it.

I am happy with my purchase. It was fairly easy to put together as long as you can work from pictures. It is a substantial piece of equipment and appears to be built for a lot of use. My one disappointment is the ap. That was one reason why I bought that particular bike and basically it is useless. Apart from that I recommend the bike to others.

Lots of features and exceptional value for money. Almost professional Gym quality at a very reasonable price. DKN App not as flexible as it could be and the interactive cycle route not good at all. Update rate too slow to be worth having so removed it from my IPAD.

Easy enough to put together and having used the bike for a couple of months now, am absolutely delighted with it. Very smooth, very robust (even for a big bloke like me - 20 stone and 6 foot 6!!) and some really good, but not too uncomplicated features. Havent downloaded the App yet but will do at some stage as it looks a neat feature..... 10/10 very pleased

The machine is very good. It does what it says on the tin, so to speak. It would have been given a very good if the software worked properly when using DKN for phones app. I could not even get DKN HD to work at all. The whole point of buying this machine was for the feature of being able to cycle along country lanes. When it's working, it's great, but more often than not, I keep getting a notice saying "DKN is not working". I've spoken to DKN Uk several times about this, and they do not acknowledge my emails any more, nor have they advised me of a fix for the software faults.

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