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DKN H2Oar Rowing Machine

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The DKN H2Oar rowing machine is designed to provide a low-impact, full-body workout and has a 5.1L water tank to mimic the natural dynamics of a boat moving through water. It ensures a realistic on-water rowing sensation and features user-controlled water resistance to let you vary the intensity of each training session depending on how fast you paddle. This sleek and sturdy machine features actual paddles in its water flywheel to simulate real paddling motion and has a user-friendly LCD screen to help you keep track of your progress and achievements. Plus, there is a 145cm (57”) double steel seating rail delivering smooth movement and added stability. The H2Oar offers solid build quality for safe and effective cardiovascular workouts and has a durable, ergonomically designed race seat and oversized, non-slip footplates to keep you comfortable and focused on the goal. Emitting only the relaxing sound of moving water, this versatile rower is virtually silent when in use. To help you maximize results listening to energizing tunes and watching your favourite movies, there is an integrated tablet holder, and the H2Oar can stand vertically for space-efficient storage.

Our price £899.00
Availability: in stock!
Save an Additional 10% on this Product!
To redeem the voucher, please enter the code SALE10 on the basket page.



The H2Oar uses a water tank with submersed paddles to simulate the feeling of actually rowing through water. The harder you pull, the harder it is to row, just like on a real boat. With an ultra-smooth action, high quality components and a vertical paddle set up, the H2Oar delivers a superb rowing experience much closer to the real thing than a conventional rower.



The H2Oar's resistance system puts you in instant, full control. Dynamic and responsive, the resistance is controlled by you in real-time through your own rowing action. The harder you pull, the higher the resistance and when you ease off the pace, the resistance drops instantly to match your input effort. With a vertically positioned water tank, the H2Oar pushes back with up to 18% more resistance than other traditional horizontally positioned water-based rowers so you can rely on the H2Oar to keep challenging you as your fitness levels improve and get a great workout every time.



This high-quality water rowing machine is designed specifically for use in your home where space is often at a premium and safety is paramount. With a folded footprint of just 93cm (36.6") long and 51.5cm (20.3") wide, the H2Oar provides a full-sized rail without compromising a valuable living space. When you’re done with your workout, simply lift the back of the rail until the rower is sitting 90 degrees to the floor on its feet in the upright position to give you your space back until the next time.



To help you keep track of and monitor your performance, the H2Oar console provides a wide range of workout information in real-time. With detailed information on strokes per minute, total strokes, pulse, watt output, time, calories, and averaged figures across the board, you are in total control of your fitness regime. With added features including interval, race and recovery modes, as well as custom set up options, the H2Oar is designed to put you at the heart of everything so you can push yourself without hurting yourself helping you to safely reach your fitness goals faster.



The H2Oar features an integrated Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver which delivers superb reliability and accuracy. Continuously monitor your heart rate without breaking pace and disrupting your workout and stay safe with accurate, reliable heart rate readings (chest belt sold separately).



The H2Oar is compatible with Kinomap and features a tablet holder so you can connect to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth to provide a feature-rich interactive training experience. Once installed and connected, just choose a video and train on the Kinomap app for a more exciting, less boring, workout!



Offering a thick gauge dual steel rail configuration, the H2Oar ensures outstanding stability and durability and an ultra-smooth rowing action that combine to provide the foundation for a safe and effective training regime, as well as a challenging workout. Constructed from high-quality materials, the H2Oar is designed to go the distance.



Featuring an ergonomically designed race seat for a more natural rowing position, an easy-grip handle, and oversized, non-slip footplates, the H2Oar delivers a safe, comfortable and effective workout, allowing you to push yourself harder while also reducing the chances of training injuries.



Made from high-quality components and materials, the H2Oar delivers a low-impact, high-calorie burn workout and helps to tone and strengthen every major muscle group in your body including:


1 Biceps & triceps

2 Shoulders & chest

3 Upper & lower back

4 Abdominals

5 Glutes

6 Calves

7 Quads

8 Hamstrings



Key features

  • Flywheel (Water Tank): 5.1L
  • Resistance: Variable water resistance
  • Rail: 145cm (57”) double steel rail for added stability and safety
  • Console Display: User-friendly LCD display; requires two AAA 1.5 V batteries (not included)
  • Console Feedback: Time, time/500m, speed, distance, calories, strokes, strokes per minute, total strokes, pulse, Watt, A+ (average value for time, calories, Watt and pulse)
  • Programmes: Quick start, standard mode, single mode, interval mode, variable mode, custom mode, race mode
  • Recovery Mode: Yes
  • Compatible Applications: Kinomap
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Wireless receiver + optional chest strap
  • Footplates: Large non-slip footplates with adjustable straps
  • Seat: Durable, ergonomic race seat
  • Handle: Ergonomic, foam-coated and contoured
  • Additional Features: Tablet holder, leg levellers
  • Dimensions: Length=212.5cm (83.6‘’), Width=51.5cm (20.3‘’), Height=93cm (36.6‘’)
  • Folded Dimensions: Length=93cm (36.6‘’), Width=51.5cm (20.3‘’), Height=212.5cm (83.6‘’)
  • Transportation Wheels: Yes
  • Certification: CE/ EN ISO-20957; Class H
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (331lbs)
  • Product Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN H2OAr Rowing Machine - User Manual

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How many levels of resistance does it have?

With a smooth, user-controlled water resistance system, the H2Oar offers a dynamic rowing stroke and a wide resistance range with a near-unlimited number of incremental changes possible. Row faster and harder to increase drag for more resistance or simply row slower for less intense resistance.

Hi. What are the dimensions of the boxed machine when delivered please?

The H2Oar has the following boxed dimensions: Length=115cm (45"), Width=57cm (22"), Height=73cm (29").

What is the maximum fill level?

The maximum fill level is 6. The water level gauge is on the side of the tank. Do not fill above the maximum level.

What are the dimensions of this machine when it's folded?

Hi, here are the folded dimensions: Length=93cm (36.6‘’), Width=51.5cm (20.3‘’), Height=212.5cm (83.6‘’).

Hi, is the seat slide noisy on the machine when you're rowing?

The seat glides smoothly along the H2Oar's double steel rail to provide quiet action and a stable feel.

Does it have a single or double rail?

The H2Oar has a sturdy double seating rail for a solid, stable feel, smooth action and added safety while exercising.

Do I have to drain the water every time I want to store it upright?

No, not at all. The water tank is sealed tight and leakproof. However, to maintain the condition of the water in the tank and keep it free from bacteria and algae, please do remember about adding one water purification tablet every 6 months. Detailed instructions are provided in the product manual.

Is it suitable for a person weighing 118kg?

Yes. The maximum user weight is 150kg (331lbs).

How often should the water be refreshed?

The water must be refreshed periodically by adding a Water Purification Tablet (provided). On average, add one purification tablet every 6 months.

I'm 6'2" - is the rail long enough for me?

Absolutely, the H2Oar has an extra-long and stable double seating rail making it safe, comfortable and perfectly suitable for taller users.

Does it store upright?

Yes. The H2Oar can be quickly and easily stored upright for space-efficient storage. Plus, it has transport wheels facilitating standing it upright and putting it back down again.

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I took delivery of the H2Oar today and it replaced my DripeX magnetic rowing machine. What a fantastic difference. It was easy to set up and great to use. That coupled with all promises met by Sweatband and a professional service from the delivery company ArrowXL. All round one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had in a long time. Great product, great service. Thank you.

Firstly, this is a lovely machine. The seat moves very smoothly, it looks good and does it's job. There are a couple of minor niggles. The foot position is a couple of inches too high and it is much more comfortable when it is lowered. Secondly, the foot straps are much easier to use if they open on the outside of the foot rather than the inside as currently. This would make it easier to operate. I think the instrusctions for assembly and using the monitor could be improved. I hope that this is helpful.

I used to be a keen runner but pounding pavements became too much for my ankles in particular so I decided to switch to something low impact and went for a rowing machine instead. I’m glad I did and that I chose this one. It’s a great bit of kit that’s well made and really comfortable to use. In just a few weeks I’ve noticed a big difference to how my joints feel and I’m still getting a great workout. I’m really happy with this machine.

Pros: Easy and quick to assemble. Looks great. Performs well. Feels very solid. Worth the money. Cons: Need to buy water tablets to maintain it and keep the water clean so takes a bit more maintenance to look after it. Summary: This blitzes some rowers I've used for comfort and compares well with some of the more expensive models you can buy. The water element is great and despite the little bit of extra care needed to maintain it, it's light-years better than most magnetic resistance rowing machines I've used.

Really nice, good quality rowing machine. You get what you pay for and I’ve got no regrets whatsoever here. Very happy.

We took delivery of this rowing machine two weeks ago and I can say that I absolutely love this rower. It’s smooth and very well built and is a pleasure to use. I use it for 35 minutes daily and have to say that it meets all of my expectations, in terms of build quality it’s exceeded them. Very happy I chose this one.

Excellent build quality. This is my first home rowing machine (I used to use the gym a lot but no longer can) and I’m very happy with it. It performs as well as the ones in the gym and you can really sense the quality of the components as you’re putting it together. It’s not the cheapest model out there by any means but it’s far from the most pricey and imho it’s not at all expensive for what you get. Folds up and out of the way too which is handy as I’ve set this up in our spare bedroom.

Very nice rowing machine. Easy to assemble with good instructions. The quality feels very good indeed and the rowing action is silky smooth. There’s a good set of features on the console and being a model that uses water for resistance it’s actually got a very soothing sound to it when you’re rowing which adds to the overall experience. As a bonus it looks pretty awesome tooI. I’ve had a few rowing machines over the years and this one compares really well with all of them some of which cost more than this one at the time. First impressions are very good and I’m happy to recommend it.

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