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DKN XC-140i Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The DKN XC-140i elliptical cross trainer is a high-quality, feature-packed piece of fitness equipment designed to help you get a thorough full-body workout by enabling you to focus on and sculpt both lower and upper body muscles and improve your cardio fitness levels. With a 16" (40.6cm) stride length and 32 levels of magnetic computer-controlled resistance, this fitness machine delivers excellent performance without breaking the bank. The heavy 14kg (31lbs) flywheel ensures a stable, fluid motion and there’s a choice of 15 on-board workouts focusing on weight loss, cardio improvement and toning allowing you to easily target the areas you want to improve, helping you to reach your fitness objectives faster. A bright, easy-to-read, 2-colour backlit LCD display provides feedback on training including time, speed, distance, calories, watt output and pulse so you can track your progress throughout your workout. There’s a built-in Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate receiver for accurate heart rate monitoring (chest belt required) and a choice of 4 user profiles storing age, gender, height and weight for improved metrics data for individual users. A well designed, sturdy and reliable elliptical, the DKN XC-140i has been made to last and comes with a full two-year on-site parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

Our price £599.00
Availability: in stock!



Many elliptical cross trainers feature light-weight flywheels that typically weigh just 5 or 6kg. The DKN XC-140i uses an extra-heavy 14kg (31lbs) flywheel to deliver an ultra-smooth experience all the way through your workout to ensure that you remain comfortable, even when you push yourself hard.



Tracking your progress and achievements is easy with the XC-140i’s feature-rich console that delivers comprehensive training data in real-time. Its dual colour backlit LCD display makes it quick and simple to track your time, speed, distance, calories, watts output and heart rate with a quick glance. Even during the most testing parts of your workout when you’re feeling the burn it’s easy to focus on the elements of your training that matter the most helping you to get the maximum benefit out of every workout.  



With 4 dedicated user profile slots available on the XC-140i, just enter your personal profile (age / gender / weight / height) to get more accurate training data from your workout sessions. Set up a profile for each regular user so it’s easy for each person to track their own progress as their fitness levels improve.



The XC-140i from DKN benefits from a 16” (40.6cm) stride length making it suitable for a wide range of users who want to improve/maintain their fitness levels, lose weight or increase their cardio capacity. With a low Q-factor and high-quality construction that features a heavy flywheel, every stride on the XC-140i is as smooth as the last so you can get a great workout in complete comfort.



To keep you on your toes the XC-140i has 12 pre-set workouts to choose from for all levels of ability (beginner, advanced and performance). Each workout can be adjusted in real-time so if you’re finding an advanced workout too hard, or a beginner workout too easy, it’s easy to up the ante or make things less difficult with the press of a button. In addition, there’s a WATT control workout that’s programmable between 10 an 350 Watts. You set the target, the XC-140i adjusts the difficulty automatically to ensure you’re always getting the workout you wanted.



The XC-140i features an in-built Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver which delivers superb reliability and improved accuracy allowing you to perform heart rate control workouts so that you can maximise your cardio training. Continuously monitor your heart rate without breaking pace and disrupting your workout, exercise with confidence and stay safe knowing that the readings you’re getting are accurate and reliable.

Key features

  • Flywheel Weight: 14kg (31lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels of magnetic computer controlled resistance
  • Stride Length: 16" (40.6cm)
  • Drive System: Poly V-belt
  • Console Display: 2 colour, backlit LCD
  • Console Feedback: Time, speed, distance, calories, watts, heart rate
  • User Profiles: 4 (each having age, gender, weight, height)
  • Programmes: Manual, 12 pre-set (4 beginner, 4 advanced, 4 performance), heart rate control, Watt control
  • Compatible Applications: Kinomap, Vescape
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse grip sensors and Bluetooth Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional extra)
  • Tablet Holder: Yes
  • Dimensions: Length= 142cm (56”), Width= 56cm (22”), Height= 164cm (64.5”)
  • Product Weight: 58.5kg (129lbs)
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg (264lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour


DKN XC-140i Elliptical Cross Trainer - User Manual


Product Questions and Answers (17)

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Can this be delivered to the first floor? We live in a 1st floor flat

Hi. Yes absolutely. Delivery of this item to the first floor is no problem at all.

Once assembled can the crosstainer be moved easily?

Yes. There are transport wheels at the front so you can tilt it forward and move it around easily

What's the size and weight of the box please?

Hi. The box dimensions are 108cm x 38cm x 96cm. The box weight is 60kg

Does this have different workout programmes?

Yes. There are 12 preset workouts, a set of heart rate control programs and a watt control function. You can also set target workouts.

Is this machine mains or battery powered?

Hi. It's mains powered.

I'm 5ft 10" - is this a suitable choice for me?

Yes absolutely. The XC-140i has a 16 inch stride so will be well suited to you

Does this have reverse pedalling?

Yes. To perform different exercises and target different muscles you can pedal both forwards and backwards

I want to pay by Pay pal, can I do this?

Absolutely yes.

Hi. Can one of your guys assemble it for me?

Putting the XC-140i together is straight-forward and takes around an hour. If you would like assembly we can usually arrange this for you depending on your postcode.

What size is this machine, width and length?

The dimensions are 142cm x 56cm.

Is it ok to keep this in a garage?

This machine should be kept in a warm, clean and dry environment and not positioned near water or outdoors or in a damp place. If your garage is warm and dry and doesn't suffer from damp or condensation, then it'll be fine to keep it in your garage.

What's the stride length on this machine?

The DKN XC-140i has a 16 inch stride.

Does it work in miles or kilometers?

Hi. The default setting is in KM. If you install the app and connect your smart device, you can change the unit of measurement to MPH.

Does it have heart rate control?

Yes. The XC140i has a built-in wireless receiver so you can use a chest belt (sold separately) to benefit from the on-board heart rate control workouts.

How difficult is it to assemble this cross trainer?

If you're ok with putting flat pack furniture together you will be ok with assembling this machine. We'd recommend two people and to allow for around an hour for assembly.

Does this machine work with the Vescape app? I quite like the idea of playing a retro game to distract from exercising, but not sure if this model works with that app.

Yes, XC-140i is fully compatible with Vescape.

Will this work with a Polar H7 chest strap?

Yes, this latest XC-140i is compatible with any BT Smart heart rate transmitter like the H7.

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Easy to set up and have put it in an upstairs room. It's a good, sturdy machine for daily use. I haven't given it 5 stars, because I find that the resistance isn't quite enough on the highest setting (goes up to 32, but that's irrelevant). Don't get me wrong, it is good, but lacks the power/resistance of an elliptical trainer in a gym setting or a larger home machine (my first was a Tunturi C60), but for the price, it's a very good piece of kit

This is my second DKN XC-140i that I have bought. It is fairly easy to assemble easy to use and the one I have now is a lot quieter than the previous one. I use it for a minimum of three hours a week, currently an hour every day during lockdown. A couple of times the console has not switched on when switched on, I believe this is due to buttons getting stuck; as one of the times 20 minutes into using it I brushed over the buttons and it came to life. I would like to keep this machine going so it would be useful to be told of where to get someone to give it a yearly maintenance check and replace the v belt. All in all a good machine and I would recommend it.

This is a superb bit of kit - at the start of Lock Down our previous Cross Trainer gave up the ghost so we did a bit of research and choose the DKN XC. We made the right choice it is a great piece of kit between myself and my daighter we use it 4 to 6 times a day. The programs and maunal setting are perfect. I am in the fire service and this has really helped me to maintain and in some ways improve my allround fitness - I would highly recommend it and have already brought a second one for my mum who is shielding - plus to top it off the service and quick delivery from the Sweatband team was top notch.

Great machine for home use, has been a lifesaver during lockdown! Feels solid, smooth, quiet, has a good range of programmes. Also a good level of resistance making it a proper workout every time. Highly recommended!

Quiet, robust, slightly shorter length than a gym machine makes for more rise pressure on the legs which is good

This was an absolute genius purchase - of I say so myself. Delivered the week before lockdown and has been used for about 2 hours a day 7 days a week since so getting on for 3500km of use. Machine was not too hard to assemble single handed - but easier with two! Heavy flywheel means a really smooth action. Only failing is lack of somewhere for a water bottle.

An excellent mid level cross trainer. Very easy to put together although when boxed it was to heavy to get up my 2 flights of stair on my own! Very smooth action and a good range of programmes and levels. It was initially very quiet but it has developed a bit of a squeak. Nothing some WD40 will not sort out when I get round to it. The stride length whilst adequate for me at 5’11’, taller users may want a slightly longer one. A robust solid piece of equipment that I am very pleased with.

Love this trainer had it three months now, great quality really pleased, just one gripe though I’m having trouble with the Bluetooth heart rate sensors, on my third now which is a Polar last two were DKN. The Polar has now stopped connecting, so I thought it can’t possibly be another sensor. Downloaded the polar heat rate app and the belt connected straight away and works no problem, so it must be the Bluetooth on the trainer. Is any body else having this issue ?

I bought this cross trainer a couple of weeks ago after nearly search for 3 months to find a cross trainer. As an active gym user I knew that to buy a good cross trainer I needed to invest in a piece of equipment that would last. The assembly for this was relatively easy as I did it on my own which took slightly longer - it helps having two people to assemble this machine. Once assembled the machine is very smooth. I use it for around 50 mins per session and the other day I pushed it to over an hour and it worked fine. Once in a while you need to give the bolts a little tighten as it tends make a clicking noise but overall very happy to use it and glad I bought it!

Great product. Solidly built with good selection of programs and good Bluetooth interface. Would have got 5 stars if there was an imperial units option as well as metric.

Pucka piece of equipment

Great exercise

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