DKN XC-160i Elliptical Cross Trainer Overview  
DKN XC-160i Elliptical Cross Trainer  
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DKN XC-160i Elliptical Cross Trainer

Our price £789.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

The DKN XC-160i is a high-quality, stylish front drive elliptical cross trainer that delivers a great all over body workout. The heavy 20kg (44lbs) flywheel ensures that the action is smooth and quiet in both directions while the 20’’(50.8cm) stride and a Q factor (the distance between the foot plates) of just 3.34" (8.5cm) means the XC-160i provides an outstanding level of comfort during your workout whilst simultaneously ensuring the risk of injury is minimised due to the ergonomic design.


The XC-160i is manufactured to exacting standards and features twin slide rails designed to work and endure like a semi-commercial elliptical, ensuring that it will withstand the demands placed upon it by even the fittest of users. 32 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance guarantee a quiet, responsive and seriously challenging workout.


There are 12 scalable preset programmes divided into 3 main categories of beginner, intermediate and advanced. The scalability of these programmes means that it's easy to turn up the heat on any given workout, so that a beginner programme can swiftly be made very hard and an advanced programme can be ramped up to the sort of difficulty that only entrants of competitions like Tough Mudder would enjoy!


In addition to the presets there are also target heart rate (for use with chest strap - sold separately), manual and user-programmable watt workouts available, providing a wide array of training options for users of all fitness levels. The inclusion of 4 built-in user profiles also allows multiple users to enter their personal data (sex, age, weight, height) to extrapolate more accurate training data such as calorie burn.


Live training data including speed, distance, RPM, watt, pulse, theoritcal calorie expenditure and time is displayed on the 5" (12.7cm) high contrast, two-colour, back-lit, LCD screen. The console is also adjustable so regardless of your height, monitoring your training data and staying in touch with your progress is easy and confortable.


The XC-160i also benefits from the addition of an integrated Bluetooth receiver allowing you to connect your tablet or smartphone making it compatible with a variety of apps, offering multiple interactive training options. The addition of a universal tablet holder let's you place your tablet directly in front of you and is ideal for either interactive training or watching your favourite programmes while you work up a sweat.


DKN have been producing quality home fitness machines for over 20 years and the XC-160i sits comfortably in the company of previous best sellers while taking a leading edge in fitness training through the implementation of the latest technology.  A fine machine that wouldn't look out of place in many gyms.

Our price £789.00
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

Key features

  • Flywheel Weight: 20kg (44lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Stride Length: 50.8cm (20’’)
  • Console Display: Multifunctional colour LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Time, RPM, distance, calorie burn, watts, heart rate
  • Programmes: 12 pre-programmed (including distance, time, RPM, speed, calories)
  • User Profiles: 4
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse grip sensors + wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Compatible Apps: Kinomap, Vescape
  • Pedals: Articulating foot pedals
  • Q Factor: 3.34" (8.5cm) providing an outstanding level of comfort
  • Product Dimensions: Length=188cm (74’’), Width=68cm (26.8’’), Height=186cm (73.2’’)
  • Product Weight: 86kg (190lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330lbs)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Certification: CE/EN 957 Class SA
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour


DKN XC-160i Elliptical Cross Trainer - user manual


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How quickly can you deliver this? I live in Sheffield.

Hi. Delivery of this item when in stock is usually within a couple of days. Due to the size and weight of the box we need to book in the delivery day with you. Once your order is received a member of our team will contact you to arrange the delivery. If you place your order in the morning, we can often get this delivered the next working day.

Can we put this in the garage? I read somewhere that you're not supposed to,

Like all electronic equipment we would recommend that the place you keep your cross trainer is a warm, dry environment. An insulated garage with heating is fine. A cold garage with condensation, damp and extreme temperatures over winter and summer is not recommended and is likely to damage your cross trainer.

Does this model fold to save space?

The DKN XC-160i is a fixed elliptical cross trainer and cannot be folded.

Is it safe to put this into an upstairs room?

Yes, absolutely.

How easy is it to move from one place to another?

It's as easy as it's possible to be. There are transport wheels on the front so all you need to do is lift the back and them move it around the same as if using a wheelbarrow

Does it come with a chest belt or do I have to buy one separately?

The XC-160i doesn't come with a chest belt included but you can still measure your heart rate by holding onto the hand pulse sensors built into the handles.

What type of chest belt works with this cross trainer?

Any open frequency (uncoded) standard chest belt will work with this receiver. Bluetooth chest belts will not work with this machine.

Are there any other apps you can use other than the two DKN apps?

Yes. The XC-160i is full compatible with the Vescape app.

Hi. There are 5 of us in the household and the machine has 4 user profiles. Is it possible to get more user profiles somewhow?

Hi. There certainly is! If you download the DKN Motion app and install it on a tablet or smartphone you'll be able to set up to 10 user profiles from within the app

What are the box dimensions of this DKN XC-160I ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINER?

The box dimensions are: 120 cm x 46 cm x 90 cm.

what is height of the pedal at its highest?

The maximum height in the middle of the pedal is 44 cm. On the highest point at the end of the pedal it's 45 cm.

How easy is this to assemble?

The XC-160i is designed for end user assembly so doesn't require professional installation. It usually takes 2 people less than an hour to put together.

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Fast delivery

The XC-160i comes in a single box which is a 2 man lift, so if your training area is 1st floor or above it is better to unpack it and take it up in sections. I did a lot of research before purchasing this item, and similar to other buyers it took me 2.5 hours to put it together using the simple steps in the guide book. The machine is sturdy and robust, but can be assembled by one person with the exception of connecting the joints for the electric cable supplying the Display monitor, which is very fiddly (note to manufacturer - these cable could do with being a couple of inches longer) This cross trainer moves quietly and smoothly and is as good as any I have used (including commercial cross trainers in gyms). It has enough programmes to keep you interested and drive your fitness forward. At 1.8m high the trainer dominates my home gym, but it's not very wide so it has a similar footprint and takes up as much space as a Concept 2 rower. Expensive but you get what you pay for.

Good, solid x trainer for the money. Wheel is heavier than any others in this price bracket and runs near silently. Runners are the only audible noise during training but I'm pretty sure it's quieter overall than any other x trainer that had external rails. Apps are OK. No flexibility on the iworld one to manually increase resistance so unless you pick an all uphill route is difficult to set yourself a challenge. It does add an interesting enough distraction though and the Motion app stores and tracks your efforts, which is handy. Overall though the apps could be so much better and I can't really understand why they don't put a few quid into professionalising them. I had no problems with connectivity though, which I see some reviewers have complained about. Machine itself has plenty of options for varied 'runs' and the resistance transitions very smoothly with no additional noise. In my opinion the installation and construction is hard work. Nothing difficult as such but the main section is very heavy and there's well over 100 parts including screws and washers etc. Probably took me four hours in total. Wish I'd paid someone to do it on delivery.

Really great cross trainer. It's got a similar feeling to the ones in the gym at a fraction of the price. Myself and my partner use it most evenings after work for about 45 min each. There are loads of different workout modes to choose from and ways to monitor your performance which is awesome. I particularly like the Google maps app that let's you map out your course as it's a lot of fun and keeps things interesting.

I have had this going on almost 3 months now. It is well used by all members of the family and we're very pleased with the quality thus far! Had a issue with one of the rollers but the warranty team were quick to resolve issues and very helpful! Easy to use and assemble well worth the money!

Purchased for the winter months - It is a great piece of equipment not commercial standard but very well built for home use! I'm 17 stone and I do not get the feeling that the machine is going to topple over! I have used the dkn apps with the product I think they work well and deliver what I think is adequate for a free app! I find the machine very user friendly, and the motion in which the cross trainer operates does not put any unnecessary stress on my joints! 41/2 stars for me!

I owned a cross trainer years ago, but this one is definitely far better. My wife uses it as well as myself for general low-impact exercise and its been great thus far! The assembly seemed a bit daunting to start with however, we realised that the nuts and bolts were packaged in to bags via a numbering system- which really saved us a lot of time. The manual was very straightforward, associating each assembly step with the labelled bags. Once together- the machine is stable easy to use, and very impressive.

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