Dunlop Biomimetic Assassin Racketball Racket  

Dunlop Biomimetic Assassin Racketball Racket

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Play ruthlessly like an assassin with the Dunlop Biomimetic Assassin racketball racket. The shaft features BioFibre technology that is very strong but still lighter than carbon, and the way it is built into the frame helps reduce shocks significantly so you play more cleanly. Drag through the air is decreased dramatically by the AeroSkin Cx which promotes faster swings for harder-hitting shots. The head, which is a large 106in2 (683.8cm2) size, uses MoS2 Grommets which increase durability and lower friction so the strings can move more on contact with the ball, giving the potential for more spin and power. The frame weighs 165g (5.8oz) and it is head heavy. The racquet comes strung with a Dunlop S-Gut 16G string in a 14x19 pattern.

Our price £59.99
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Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Head Size: 106in2 (683.8cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 165g (5.8oz)
  • Balance: Head heavy
  • Length: 22" (558.8mm)
  • Strung with Dunlop S-Gut 16G string
  • String Pattern: 14x19
  • Grip: Viper Dry
  • Supplied without a cover


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