McDavid 419R Multi-Action Knee Strap View

McDavid 419R Multi-Action Knee Strap

The McDavid Multi-Action knee strap helps correct patella tracking and to relieve the pain associated with jumper's or runner's knee.

Viavito Neoprene Ankle Support View

Viavito Neoprene Ankle Support

For people who lead and active life but suffer for minor pain in and around the ankle, the Viavito neoprene ankle support is a quality option for reducing this pain. It is made to let your joints move with a good range of motion whilst delivering the support you need to continue with activities and exercise. Whether it’s minor pain, a strain or arthritic pain, the support will help relieve it and promote healing, and it is made using neoprene which retains heat and provides a maximum amount of compression to keep joints and muscles warm and supported. It has a one-size-fits-all design which is adjustable using the Velcro fastening for a snug, comfortable fit, and it can be worn on either ankle, left or right.

Vulkan Back Brace Support Without Stays View

Vulkan Back Brace Support Without Stays

The Vulkan back brace support without stays is manufactured from neoprene and contoured for a perfect fit. It features easy touch/close fastening and provides compression and warmth to the lumbar area. The support is ideal for lumbago, lower back pain and rheumatic pain.

McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support View

McDavid Lightweight Shoulder Support

Featuring a lightweight and simple design, the McDavid lightweight shoulder support is both practical and easy to use and has been made to promote healing and decrease pain from pulls and strains. For a comfortable fit, it has adjustable hook and loop closure straps and fits left and right shoulder. The support is suitable for arthritis, bursitis and non-specific shoulder injuries and ensures thermal and compression therapy thanks to latex-free neoprene.

Viavito Neoprene Wrist Support View

Viavito Neoprene Wrist Support

Ease sprains and strains and get support for a full range of motion from this great Viavito neoprene wrist support. The neoprene material ensures good heat retention and excellent compression so joints and muscles get and stay warm. It has a wrap around design, a thumb loop and a Velcro fastening which deliver a snug, comfortable fit that you can adjust, and it’s also quick and easy to slip on and off. This one-size-fits-all support can be used on either right or left wrists and helps your joints move and work correctly so you can maximise all activities.


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Sports Supports

Sports Supports

Sports activities are undoubtedly one of the best things you can do to improve the condition of your body and genuinely boost health indicators and the immune system. Whether you are engaging in sports occasionally in your spare time or perform actively on a daily basis, injuries are widely common and may happen despite having excellent fitness preparation. In these circumstances it’s best to avoid at all cost any athletic activities while being tired or there are visible symptoms of possible contusion.

There are also cases when you’ve undergone rehabilitation and you want to elude likely complications, in these situations you might consider taking an interest in special sports supports and orthopaedic equipment to speed up the process of healing, allowing for efficient and comfortable return to normal practice sessions weather it’s tennis, running, regular gym or perhaps martial arts you’re after.

There are many common injuries that are caused by improper use of equipment, poor preparation or simple overtraining, thus the correct pick of sport supports and braces is the key to avoiding further problems and getting on the right track in terms of rehabilitation and taking care of oneself.

Ankle Supports are designed to aid injuries like sprains and fractures, and today’s modern football and volleyball players often wear one since they are made to fit perfectly with current sports footwear. Furthermore, they are made from neoprene fabric and use practical Velcro straps ensuring stability and comfort.

Knee Supports are used to prevent and relieve excessive knee pain and strains, with great levels of elasticity, the support usually allows for full and proper motion of the joints as well as keeping in warmth and protecting the knee.

Back Supports are perfect for athletes performing gym exercises with large amounts of weight like dead lifts for instance. The support ensures enhanced stability and support to relieve muscle tension and pain in the lumbar region.

Thigh Supports are excellent for pulled muscles ensuring great heat retention, as well as delivering a good amount of support and relief while maintaining an optimal fit and comfort.

Here at Sweatband.com we have a versatile selection of excellent orthopaedics and sports supports, to help you in preventing damage to your body during trainings and aiding you in treatment of suffered injuries in musculoskeletal system like joints, bones, all muscles highly exposed to contusions, strains, sprains and more. Let’s look at some of the most popular and effective choices used in recoveries.

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We’re not a faceless Internet only retailer! We have a store in the west-end of London, between Oxford Circus and Great Portland Street tube stations. For expert face to face advice on product selection, just visit us!

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