Head MicroGel Radical MP Tennis Racket View

Head MicroGel Radical MP Tennis Racket

Exclusive to Sweatband.com, the Head MicroGel Radical MP is a head light tennis racket with a smaller head size of 98in2 (632cm2) and a frame weight of 295g (10.4oz) to provide a great combination of precision, control and manoeuvrability. The racket is very much suited to intermediate and advanced players and has been made using revolutionary, silicone-based MicroGel™ material delivering a rock-solid feel, exceptional touch and impact absorption. A closed 18x20 string pattern causes the ball to travel deeper in the court, whereas Sonic Pro string guarantees higher levels of feel, comfort and playability.

Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 Tennis Racket View

Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 Tennis Racket

The Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 tennis racket is a recreational frame designed for increased accuracy and torsional stability thanks to the Perimeter Weighting system. Furthermore, the racquet is head light balanced and features a mid-plus head to ensure superior control, manoeuvrability and magnificent handling. Also, the racquet takes advantage of the BLX technology to attenuate noise and vibrations caused by the ball impact. The racquet weighs 321g (11.3oz) and it’s supplied pre-strung with Wilson’s Sensation string in an open 16x19 string pattern. Furthermore, to ensure proper moist management and firm grasp, the racquet is fitted with the Cushion Aire Perforated grip.

Yonex EZONE 98 Alpha Tennis Racket View

Yonex EZONE 98 Alpha Tennis Racket

Featuring an Isometric head shape which compared to an average 98in2 head provide more forgiveness and stability, the Yonex EZONE 98 Alpha tennis racket combines a lightweight manoeuvrability of the 275g frame, with excellent consistency and control. The racquet handles well during long rallies thanks to a head light balance, whilst the Nanometric DR frame material adds more stability and overall strength. To ensure a tremendous comfort improvement, the racquet includes a Shockless Grommet System to attenuate any incoming impact vibrations. Furthermore, the 16x19 string pattern provides excellent spin potential, and the frame arrives with a drawstring bag for a proper protection.

Head IG Challenge PRO Tennis Racket View

Head IG Challenge PRO Tennis Racket

Featuring a head size of 100in2 (645cm2), the Head IG Challenge PRO tennis racket offers a great blend of control and power. It has been designed for intermediate level players wanting to take the most out of their weekend game and uses Innegra technology for greater shot control, precision and increased shock absorption. Thanks to a head light balance, the racket is manoeuvrable and comes pre-strung with durable synthetic gut string in an open 16x19 string pattern for more power and spin. Constructed from graphite, the racket guarantees improved stiffness and strength and there is a tacky Dual Absorbing grip that ensures maximum sweat absorption and keeps the racket from slipping. The IG Challenge PRO is supplied with a full protective cover.

Head Ti S2 Titanium Tennis Racket View

Head Ti S2 Titanium Tennis Racket

The Head Ti S2 Titanium is a lightweight, all-round tennis racket designed for intermediate level players who want to take their game to a whole new level. For a good balance of power and control, it has a 102in2 (660cm2) head and offers improved playability and durability thanks to a synthetic gut string in an 18x19 string pattern. The racket is head heavy balanced for greater power potential and uses Titanium technology to provide more stability, strength and even more power on each stroke. It weighs only 245g (8.6oz) and features Softac grip delivering excellent tack and cushioning. This comfort, performance racket is supplied with a full-length cover for protection against dust and scratches.

Yonex VCORE 100 LG Tennis Racket View

Yonex VCORE 100 LG Tennis Racket

A frame made for intermediate players seeking phenomenal control over strokes, the Yonex VCORE 100 LG tennis racket is a 100in2 head choice that offers incredible precision and superior manoeuvrability thanks to the 280g (9.9oz) weight and head light balance. The racquet takes advantage of the Isometric head shape in order to build a much more efficient sweet-spot, thus offering increased power generation. Furthermore, there is the Aero Fin technology which created a much thinner frame that cuts through air faster. The VCORE 100 LG also features a revolutionary Liner Tech design for enhanced and more persistent ball rotation on each stroke. The frame is shipped strung with Polytour Strike string, and supplied additionally with a full cover to ensure proper storage between games.


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Tennis Rackets

In the early era of tennis rackets were crafted individually, but as the game grew in popularity and means for manufacture were improved tennis rackets became more standardised.  High tech materials are now commonplace and extremely affordable, and a good racket, if re-stringed regularly, can last several years. Obviously frequency of play, power behind your play and the climate in which you play will all impact on your racket’s lifespan.


So if you’re new to the game and need advice on what to buy or if your last racket has lost its edge, here’s a short sharp guide to help you find the best for you….


The main aspects to consider are head size, length, weight distribution, grip size and material.


Head size
The head size is the area occupied by the strings, and the sweet spot is that area of the racket that the ball just flies off it effortlessly.

The categories are:

• Midsize (80-94 square inches)
• Midplus  (95-105 square inches)
• Oversize (110-115 square inches)
• Super oversize (116-135 square inches) 

There was a time when Prince manufactured one even bigger than this but the International Tennis Federation responded by imposing a limit on head size before things got out of hand!

Larger heads suit beginners best as they generate more power and have a larger sweet spot while smaller head sizes offer more precision and control.


Racket lengths vary between 27 and 29 inches in length, the majority are around the 27 inch mark.   Longer rackets are typically lighter and give greater reach and power when serving.


Weight distribution

There are two types here: head heavy and head light.  Beginners favour the head heavy ‘power’ rackets as the extra weight at the tip can provide greater power for a shorter, weaker, underdeveloped swing. More experienced players utilise the head light ‘control’ rackets which absorb more of the shock generated by their powerful swings.

Grip size

There are five Grips sizes; 1 is the smallest and 5 the largest, the most suitable for you is simply a matter of hand size. 


The list of racket materials these days sounds like a new age periodic table, but the variety in choice does affect how stiff the racket is when it connects with the ball – the stiffer it is the more power the ball retains and the more shock your body absorbs.  Aluminium is a popular choice for players wanting flexibility, although players who hit hard can find it too flexible and unpredictable. If you’re new, but a quick learner,  you’re probably better off with a graphite racket.

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