Treadmills & Running Machines Buying Guide


One of the most popular machines used by gym goers, the treadmill is becoming a fixture in an increasing number of homes. Treadmill running is continuing to gain popularity for numerous reasons:

• Running on a treadmill burns calories faster than most other types of exercise machines
• It’s an easy and intuitive piece of exercise equipment to use
• Kinder to joints than running on the pavement or roads
• Shielded from having training programme being disrupted by unreliable outdoor weather

Treadmill Deck Sizes

It may seem like stating the patently obvious, but when choosing a treadmill, it’s important to pay great attention to the running deck size of the treadmill. They fall into the following categories:

• Extra Small – any treadmill with a deck width of under 40cm or a length of less than 120cm falls into this category. As a rule of thumb, treadmills with deck sizes this small are only suitable for indoor walking and jogging on them may not be safe. It should be noted that quite a number of treadmills being sold in the UK market (not by us!) with extra small deck sizes do not actually meet the European safety requirements and should be avoided at all costs.
• Small – deck width of 40cm (15.75”) and a length of 120cm (47”). This treadmill deck size is suitable for fast walking or jogging by users of any height. Shorter users (up to 155cm / 5ft 1in) should be able to run relatively comfortably.
• Medium – Typically 45cm wide and between 125cm and 130cm in length.
• Standard – The most popular running deck size for runners typically measuring 50cm in width and 140cm in length. This size of running belt is suitable for pretty much runners of any height to be able to go right up to sprinting speeds comfortably.
• Oversized  - Some running decks have a length of up to 160cm and there are now extra wide models also available that are as much as 56cm in width. The additional size on a running belt is a nice luxury for those with the space and budget for a treadmill with an oversized deck, as it enables all users to run as fast as they like without having to worry about their position on the running deck.

Reasons to buy your next treadmill from

We’ve been selling treadmills for well over 10 years and are one of the top-3 largest distributors of treadmills in the UK market. During this time, we’ve gained an immense level of expertise in running machines. We’re actively involved with the product development cycles of numerous brands and have visited, provided feedback and liaised closely with the factories that manufacture treadmills for several brands that we stock. The scale of our operations brings a number of benefits for those that purchase treadmills from us:

• Pricing – our buying power means we buy at lower prices than most retailers and we pass these savings on.
• Delivery Experience – typically, running machines are heavy, bulky items. We’ve refined our delivery processes to ensure that all of our bulky treadmills are delivered by a trained 2-man delivery company. If the boxed weight of the machine is over 85kg and the delivery is to a non-ground floor locations, we are still able to deliver the treadmill by using a specialist network of fitness equipment installers in mainland UK. For a small additional fee, we also offer as assembly service for all of the treadmills in our range.
• After-sales – Whilst most retailers only stay involved until the delivery of the machine and leave customers at the mercy of the supplier brand if anything goes wrong, has a dedicated & trained warranty after sales team in place. In the event of the treadmill developing a fault, we are happy to be the first point of contact and hold the supplier brand to account to ensure that our customers are looked after properly.

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We’re not a faceless Internet only retailer! We have a store in the west-end of London, between Oxford Circus and Great Portland Street tube stations. For expert face to face advice on product selection, just visit us!

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