Viavito TG400 FID Utility Weight Bench View

Viavito TG400 FID Utility Weight Bench

The Viavito TG400 FID utility weight bench is a great companion for all-round strength training and muscle building workouts. This multi-functional weight bench has a multi-position backrest and a 2-position seat, both of which can be easily and quickly adjusted to make your training sessions more effective and comfortable. It offers decline, flat, upright (top position 70 degrees) and 5 incline positions to let you target your core, torso, arms, abs, and shoulders, and can be used for a great variety of exercises such as bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, chest press, military press, back rows, decline push ups, sit ups and leg lowers. The TG400 is designed to help you build a balanced and muscular physique, increase strength and tone the entire body. Added support and stability during the most intense workouts are ensured by a sturdy steel construction and non-slip feet, whilst a generously padded seat and back support guarantee optimum comfort when exercising. There are also fixed foot/shin pads enabling you to anchor yourself securely for strict form while training your abdominals. Plus, this robust weight bench can handle a maximum load of 200kg (441lbs) including the user and boasts a compact, ergonomic design making it perfect for users with a limited workout space.

ProForm Carbon Adjustable Utility Bench with 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set View

ProForm Carbon Adjustable Utility Bench with 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

The ProForm Carbon utility bench with 20kg cast iron dumbbell set has been designed to provide a broader scope of exercising when setting up a home gym, while fulfilling all fitness requirements to create a truly pleasurable and efficient workout experience. The utility bench is a highly functional choice for individuals who want to focus on the quality of workout movement, since it provides 10 different backrest positions to ensure a high level of precision when targeting isolated muscle groups. With 6 different incline and 2 decline positions, as well as an upright and flat position, the bench is suitable for building a well-defined silhouette by performing a variety of staple exercises such as: bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, military press, chest press. That being said, this robust and versatile bench is complemented with a cast iron dumbbell set which allows for developing superior upper body strength, increased endurance and rock-hard chiselled muscles in a safe and confident manner. The dumbbell set includes 12 weight plates, 2 chrome bars, 4 chrome precision-machined spinlock collars and it weighs 20kg (44lbs) in total. The plates included in the set boast a durable black finish and feature an embossed weight marks, whereas the knurled handles ensure a precise and confident grip whilst performing heavy reps.

Viavito TX1000 GT 2 Piece Olympic Barbell Weight Bench View

Viavito TX1000 GT 2 Piece Olympic Barbell Weight Bench

Whether you want to trim down or bulk up, the TX1000 GT 2 piece Olympic barbell weight bench is a great choice for developing strength and toning both upper and lower body muscles. This exceptionally sturdy piece of equipment is built for the toughest workouts and comes with an independent squat stand with 9 bar rest positions and adjustable spotter catchers for extra safety and stability when benching and squatting. This highly versatile weight bench has a rugged steel construction and features an adjustable preacher curl pad and a curl yoke bar for effective bicep training. To let you easily adjust the bench from decline, through flat to 4 incline positions (top backrest position 60 degrees), there is a 50mm (1.9”) thick padded high-density foam backrest, whereas the padded 6-roll leg developer enables you to increase strength in your quads, glutes and hamstrings. The heavy-duty squat stand can be used with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic barbells and has a height adjustment range of 119cm-160cm (46.8”-63”) to provide challenge and variety for users of different heights. Plus, there are tough, non-skid feet for added stability and floor protection and the weight bench holds a maximum load of 260kg (573lbs) including the user. The TX1000 is perfect for exercises such as bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, bicep curl, incline bicep curl, preacher curl, leg extension, leg curl, and squat.

York Fitness Bench View

York Fitness Bench

The York fitness bench is perfect to work your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders and has a robust construction that can withstand a maximum weight of 200kg (441lbs). The bench is equipped with a multi-position, easily adjustable backrest that enables you to train both in flat and incline positions (up to 90 degrees). Extra thick cushioning provides enhanced comfort during the workout, whereas a special rack enables storage of 3 pairs of York Fitbells. The bench weighs 14.5kg (31.9lbs).

Viavito TG500 Multi Function Utility Weight Bench View

Viavito TG500 Multi Function Utility Weight Bench

The Viavito TG500 multi function utility weight bench is a great choice for building muscle strength and size in the comfort of your home gym. This heavy-duty FID bench has a rugged steel construction and a strong U-shaped front frame providing extra stability and safety while you workout. It features an adjustable 3-position seat and a multi-position backrest enabling you to easily switch between decline, flat, upright (top position 70 degrees) and 5 incline positions. Increase the effectiveness of the bicep curl exercises in your training program using a 4-position preacher curl pad and a detachable curl yoke bar. Build lower body strength and muscle definition with the padded leg developer which has 4 oversized foam rollers and to enhance comfort and support during the hardest of workouts, there is a 50mm (1.9”) thick padded seat and back support. The TG500 has a weight plate holder with an included Olympic sleeve and holds a maximum load of 260kg (573.2lbs) including the user. It is great for a variety of exercises such as bicep curls, triceps bench dips, chest flys, shoulder press, military press, chest press, seated lateral raise, back rows, decline push ups, leg curls and leg extensions.


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These are the names commonly given to a bench with no upright barbell supports and some degree of adjustability. Having no vertical supports may render the bench as impractical/unsafe for the purposes of barbell presses but it does make them ideally suited for a plethora of dumbbell exercises needing freedom of movement without obstruction.
Maximum Weight Capacities
Whether you are looking for a utility bench or a barbell bench – ALL have a maximum rating of how much weight can safely be supported. Some manufacturers clearly set out a helpful breakdown of the maximum capacities of key weight bearing parts, so it’s all rather self explanatory (Maximum user weight…maximum weight that can be supported on the upright rack…leg developer weight capacity ect). Unfortunately many products only come with an overall maximum weight capacity, which is a little more vague. In this instance, you must include your own bodyweight PLUS the additional weight of either the dumbbells or the barbell and weight plates, to give you a total, which must be under the maximum rated figure for safety.
Backrest Adjustability
The adjustability of the seat is an important consideration, as the angle of the body will determine what portion of muscles will be targeted. In simplified terms, think of a decline angle working the lower portion of the pectoral muscle (chest) and the higher the angle is inclined, the higher up the chest you’ll be working (so a 45 degree angle will be working the upper chest region). When the angle exceeds about 60 degrees then the muscles of the shoulder will take over.
The greater range of adjustability the wider the scope for exercise variation. Not all benches offer a range of adjustability that allows for decline presses (for the lower chest) or upright back support for overhead presses (for the shoulders). These are undoubtedly great exercises in a weightlifters’ arsenal, but if you opt for a bench that doesn’t have these features it may not necessarily be a deal breaker e.g. If the back rest doesn’t angle up to about 85 degrees then you can perhaps perform overhead presses by simply sitting on the flat bench N.B. without back support, extra care should be taken to ensure your back is not strained (As always – ONLY ever do what is safe and sensible!)
Some benches feature adjustable seats so that when the back rest is inclined the seat can also angle up to prevent the user from sliding downwards as well as encouraging the lower back to remain flat.
The very first barbell benches were designed around one of the most popular and effective exercises ever devised - the ‘Bench Press’. Renowned for packing muscle onto the upper body, it’s usually the cornerstone of any self-respecting weight trainer’s routine. Not surprisingly, without a Bench, you have no Bench Press! - But without the right bench, you could also be missing out on a whole lot more. In recent years, Barbell Benches have evolved, with design features to cover a wide range of exercises, from the legs right up to the shoulders! Here’s what to look out for when choosing the right barbell bench for your needs…
Olympic or Standard?
The terms ‘standard’ or ‘olympic’ refers to the diameter of hole in the centre of weight plates.  Standard plates have a 1” diameter hole in the centre of the discs to accept 1” wide bars whereas ‘Olympic weight plates have a 2” diameter hole. For obvious reasons, a standard bar can hold both types of weight plates (although the Olympic discs will feel a little loose); Whereas Olympic bars are too wide to accept standard plates. Fortunately, many benches have standard bar fitments to accept both styles of discs, or they may often have removable Olympic sleeves which can be slid off to reveal 1” thick bars for use with standard plates (just make certain any Olympic features are removable before you buy if you only have access to standard discs!)
Bar Length Capacities
Barbell benches are mainly designed with a fixed width between the upright barbell supports. The width between them determines what length of barbell is most suitable. Bars are typically available at 5’, 6’ and 7’ lengths but the importance of the correct hand positioning for safe pressing movements, means that it’s not a ‘one size fits’ all. A 5’ barbell will not be ideally compatible with wider ‘olympic style’ racks which are generally built around a 7ft bar (as used in commercial environments). Also, a 5 ft bar may also feel too narrow for some users (especially with long arms) as the forearms and elbows can feel too close to the weight plates when the arms are bent in the bottom position. Alternatively, a 7’ bar may feel very unstable and prone to tip up on a narrow, entry-level barbell bench.
The golden rule is to double-check what bar lengths are compatible with each bench before you buy.
Spotter Catches
‘Spotter catches’ refers to the bar holders at the top of each upright which support the barbell. Often they are adjustable so as to be positioned at various heights. This type of adjustability is an important feature to look out for, to ensure you can position yourself at a safe distance within easy reach to comfortably lift off and replace the bar.
During a workout, muscles can fatigue without much warning, so it’s critical that exercises like Bench press or overhead presses should never be performed without a training partner (‘spotter’) on standby, to assist or supervise every lift. For further peace of mind, some benches also feature a second pair of Safety spotter catches on each upright to act as a type of ‘safety net’! Being adjustable they should be positioned on (or fractionally lower) than the level the bar will be when at the bottom position. If you’re unable to push the bar all the way back up to the top catches, the weight can be safely set down onto the lower safety ‘spotter’ catches.
Leg Developer
This simple attachment can literally make all the difference, by granting a total body workout and thus a more balanced, well-proportioned physique! The lower set of roller pads can be utilized for ‘leg extensions’ to target the quadriceps at the front of the thighs. Alternatively, by lying down on the bench and positioning the top rollers over the backs of the lower legs, the weight can be lifted in a ‘leg curl’ exercise to develop the often neglected hamstring muscles.

Bicep Preacher Curl Pad
A popular feature on some barbell and utility benches is a preacher pad. This is an angled pad at the foot of the bench which supports the backs of the upper arms so that strict ‘preacher’ curls can be performed to isolate the bicep muscles.
Other Attachments
Although far less common than leg developers or preacher pads, some benches feature attachments for chest flyes and even a lat pulldown attachment for back exercises.
Detachable Benches
A stand-alone bench and rack combination also offers plenty of scope for exercise variations. For starters, when you detach the bench away from the rack, it instantly becomes a utility bench. In addition, by removing the bench you then have clear access to the upright supports which can then be used as a rack for squats and much, much more!

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