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York 2,3,4kg Vinyl Kettlebells

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The York 2,3,4kg vinyl kettlebells are great for strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training and offer safe and effective full body workouts. The set includes 3 kettlebells (2kg, 3kg, 4kg/4.4lbs, 6.6lbs, 8.8lbs) with a strong, durable construction and a hard-wearing vinyl coating. The kettlebells feature an ergonomically designed easy-grip handle for a firm and comfortable hold, as well as an anti-slip, non-scratch base with 4 stability feet to prevent them from slipping or toppling over. They can be swung, lifted and pushed for total body conditioning and help to improve core strength, coordination, posture and range of motion. The kettlebells are not only easy to use, but also versatile and allow for sculpting lean muscles and shedding excess fat. Plus, they are colour coded and have a weight mark for easy identification. The vinyl kettlebells come with an instructional workout chart.

Our price £34.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Set of 3 kettlebells (2kg, 3kg, 4kg)
  • Ergonomically designed comfort handle
  • Great for total body workouts
  • Suitable for targeting a wide range of muscle groups
  • Anti-slip, non-scratch base
  • Hard-wearing vinyl coating
  • Firm, comfortable grip
  • Comes with a workout wall chart
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile and easy to use
The set includes:
  • York 2kg (4.4lbs) vinyl kettlebell
  • York 3kg (6.6lbs) vinyl kettlebell
  • York 4kg (8.8lbs) vinyl kettlebell

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Good service, product as described. Would use again.

Stuck at home and unable to go to the gym owing to lockdown I decided to purchase some of my own kit. The kettlebells arrived swiftly from Sweatband and have been used most days. They are excellent and do the job! Not only that they were great value for money too! Thanks Sweatband...

Really good for home workouts

Good quality and even came with a poster of several kettlebell exercises. Very quick delivery to.

Great product for a great price.

I got the 8kg ones. Not impressed. The handles have stones falling out every time i swing and put pressure on them with standard exercises with good form. They came defected so feel like it was a waste of money as they wont last. Not going to bother returning them given the current lockdown. Disappointed as the handles are getting weaker with the stones falling out every time i use them. Just going to get better cast iron ones next time i have the opportunity to.

Excellent balance weights for a camera boom system!

I wasn't expecting too much from an inexpensive product like this but can honestly say I am overjoyed with the quality of the product. Colour coded making exercise routines easier to manage with well designed handles allowing comfortable grip. Delivered on a next day service! I am thrilled with this purchase and highly recommend them!

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