Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table  
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Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The Kettler Axos 1 is a first-rate outdoor table tennis table that has been neatly manufactured in Germany. The 22mm thick, aluminium composite top is strong and weatherproof to ensure great play both indoors and outdoors. What is more, the tournament-sized top delivers excellent ball rebound. The playback function allows you to practise on your own by simply folding one side up, and you can fold both sides for space-efficient storage thanks to Kettler’s space-saving folding design. This all-weather table has 2 steerable and 2 fixed wheels so you can manoeuvre it more easily. It is supplied with an easy-assembly detachable net.

Our price £309.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Weatherproof 22mm (0.9") ALU-TEC+ aluminium compound top
  • Non-glare coating
  • 25mm round tube frame construction
  • Great ball rebound
  • Playback position to play solo
  • 2 steerable and 2 fixed wheels
  • Compact construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions: Length=274cm (108“). Width=152.5cm (60“). Height=76cm (30“)
  • Dimensions Folded: Length=49cm (19.3“). Width=153cm (60“). Height=171cm (67.3“)
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Warranty: 10 years top, 3 years undercarriage
Accessories included:
  • Detachable net


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Can you tell me the size of the packaging?

Of course - it comes with 2 boxes. First is 165 x 140 x 10 cm and the second one is 50 x 25 x 8 cm.

Can it be stored outside?

The Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor table has a playing surface made of weatherproof aluminium composite and can be stored outdoors, although it does come with a protective cover.

This product appears to be the best even when compared to the more expensive model - is this so?

This is an overall great product especially for the price. It is difficult to comment on whether it is superior to other tables in the range, however, it is most definitely a popular choice with our customers! There is some very positive feedback of this table specifically focussing on the playing surface quality and build quality.

What is the weight of this table?

The weight of the table is approximately 53kg (116.8 llbs).

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Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 24 people with average rating of 4.6

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there were 2 broken pieces which I sourced locally the instructions to put together were very poor

Strong and easy to erect and move with a great playing service. Definitely good value. Prompt delivery.

This is a good, full sized table. The only criticism is that it is INCREDIBLY difficult to assemble. Be prepared to spend hours, or pay for help.

Great table fairly easy to put together

Quality table but cuddly to put together and one of wheel bolts had no thread so had to bodge it with tape

Very good value for money

Delivery and customer service very good from Sweatband. The table is great but lacks castor wheels at both ends - only one end has them which make for tricky placement when storing in a confined space. Well designed and robust but the instructions for assembly were obvious translations and difficult to follow. Very pleased with the outcome when I did assemble it correctly

Great quality playing surface. Bit of a fiddle to put together singlehanded, but fine in the end. Folds up quickly and easily when needed. Included bats are fine, balls slightly small, practice size. Net works ok, not the simplest to attach and remove, but good enough. For the price it is very impressive, aluminium top with "Made in Germany" exuding usual Kettler build quality. Not sure why you would pay more for one, I know axos are their budget brand and have avoided before (cross trainer, exercise bike have all been main stream kettler) but will happily buy axos stuff again... maybe a multigym.....

This is a great outdoor table tennis table. Build quality is good and the table itself has excellent bounce and once you have put it all together (not easy to do but I did it on my own) it is very easy to open and close for play and storage. Our 10 year old loves it.

This is a great quality table for the money. Originally priced at 350 GBP, I bought it in the flash sale for 250 GBP. For my first outdoor table it is very very good; though my only pet peeve with it is that just one set of wheels have 360 degrees ability - the others are fixed. This only presents a problem to me because I have a narrow path to navigate from playing area to storage area, but should not present a problem if you have better access routes. I would not pay 350 for this, as Sweatband have other sales where 600 GBP tables are half price; but this is certainly a first rate entry level table for the value I paid.

Great quality table. Easy for the kids to set up and put away each time. Maybe could do with slightly sturdier / larger wheels? They don't match the high quality of the table. Build instructions were confusing. We though there was a part missing as there was no explanation that one part needed to be used in one place to assist the build and then moved to another place afterwards! My husband builds boats yet this took him 2 and 1/2 hrs to complete!

As a first purchase, I was not sure what to expect. Now that it is assembled and in use, I find it is the budget table. I wanted a product that was going to last. It probably will. The actual table top seems to be the same good quality as on more expensive models, but the legs/wheel arrangement are second best. I just hope the more "competitive" friends and family treat it with respect. As the net has to be removed for storage, a pouch of sorts, for net, bats and balls will be beneficial. (This is taken care of on more expensive models, which I never contemplated due to budget.) Similar priced other makes include bat/ball storage, so I'm guessing the table top quality is superior. In summary, Net/bat/ball storage is not the be all and end all, nor is the undercarriage. Playing "normally" should still provide endless hours of fun, providing the wind and rain don't stop play.

Great surface to play on! I used to play a lot when I was a young lad but hadn't played for quite sometime. I noticed sweatband had a special offer on so I bought the table and I'm glad I did. I wouldn't say I've quite regained my old form but I am definitely enjoying playing again. Good table without having to break the bank.

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