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Monster Arms Are Within Your Grasp: 7 Ways To Tone Arms

May 5, 2021 4 min read
Monster Arms Are Within Your Grasp: 7 Ways To Tone Arms Monster Arms Are Within Your Grasp: 7 Ways To Tone Arms

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    We all know tiger feet are neat, but it would appear monster arms have their charms too as more and more people want to add tone to their triceps and bulk to their biceps.

    So, if you want arms the Hulk would rip his shirt for it starts here.

    1. High resistance low reps

    Anyone aiming to bulk any muscle group should follow a high resistance, low rep program at least three times a week. In the initial stages what is a high resistance is not always easy to determine but if you get to your twelfth rep and you’re struggling, then can just about manage another three you’re pretty much there.

    Once you have your program of exercises three times a week you need to do three sets of each exercise with rest and recovery time between sets and at least a day’s rest between sessions to enable the muscles time to rest, repair and build.

    2. More protein for monster arms

    A diet that’s high in protein is a must for a monster muscle builder. If you’re deadly serious, invest in some shakes. If you’re not quite there yet, try to drop carb rich foods like pasta, potatoes and bread and replace them with protein rich alternatives like lean meat and the super food quinoa.

    Get hench with these top tips and exercises

    3. Start at the top

    Sculpted shoulders and pronounced pecs are the starting point for shapely and strong arms and a rotator cuff movement with heavy dumbbells is a great way to access, strengthen and tone the tops of your arms at the front.

    This exercise accesses the muscles that straddle the arm and the torso very well indeed.

    Hold a free weight in each hand, bend your elbows to 90 degrees and raise your arms so the elbows are to the side of your body at shoulder height and your hands hover directly above them. To complete one rep rotate your arms at the shoulders to bring your hands down directly in front of your elbows, then reverse your direction of travel to return to the starting position.

    Using free weights means the muscles work hard through the entire range of motion. Do check your alignment in the mirror – make sure your elbows stay at shoulder level throughout.

    4. Bring in the back

    Keeping the upper back strong has a similar effect to working the chest and shoulders.

    Supine flies are effective upper back exercise that can set the posture and so frame your monster arms well.

    Lie face down on a bench with a free weight in each hand, lengthen your arms at the elbows and then elevate them to the side up to bench level for each rep.

    5. Bulk the biceps

    The biceps are easy to exercise and so for monster arms a monster weight will be manageable for most.

    ‘21s’ are a simple and effective way to tone the top and front of the arm section by section.

    Holding a heavy free weight in each hand, rotate your arms from the shoulders so the eyes of your elbows face forward and your arms themselves are free of your torso. Bend your elbow to 90 degrees seven times, then bend the arm all the way up and return it to 90 degrees seven times and for the last seven reps fully bend and extend the elbow.

    6. Top up the triceps

    The triceps are typically weaker than the biceps, simply because they don’t get the same amount of everyday use.

    A great exercise for them is dips and if you want monster arms add resistance to your own body weight by resting a medicine ball in your lap.

    Sit on a bench and place a heavy medicine ball in your lap. Rest your hands a shoulder-distance apart on the bench with your fingers pointing forward. Lift your body off and forward. To complete one rep, bend your arms so your elbows travel backwards and your body downwards. Then re-extend your arms but don’t sit on the bench until your set is done.

    7. Fantastic Four Forearms

    Few people remember to exercise the forearms but if you want to bulk like The Hulk from shoulder to wrist make sure they get a good workout too.

    A great exercise is a reverse curl, which is like a bicep curl but you hold the bar with the palms facing back rather than forward. Bolting the elbows into the side of the torso rests and supports the upper arms meaning every curl accesses the forearms only.

    Give this program a go from today and within one month you’ll feel a difference and within three see a difference.

    Obviously as your strength improves change your weight so they’re always challenging on the last few reps. And by the summer your high fives will be wide fives too!

    Whatever equipment you need to get going you’ll find it in our Gym Equipment department in our online store. With monstrous deals on everything from dumbbells and kettlebells to full home multi gyms and everything in between, it’s the perfect place for all your fitness needs. And remember, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £15!

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