Head Graphene Touch Radical LITE Tennis Racket View

Head Graphene Touch Radical LITE Tennis Racket

Designed for intermediate club players, the Head Graphene Touch Radical LITE tennis racket provides a bigger sweet spot thanks to its 102in2 (660cm2) head and for extra manoeuvrability and easy playability it offers a lighter weight (260g). This evenly balanced racket ensures radical versatility and great levels of power and control and innovative Graphene Touch technology delivers unparalleled touch, shock absorption and a muted, low-vibration feel. The racket is strung with Lynx 17 string which gives you more feel whilst retaining durability and an open 16x19 string pattern guarantees easy access to spin.

Head Innegra Challenge MP Tennis Racket View

Head Innegra Challenge MP Tennis Racket

The Head IG Challenge MP tennis racket presents itself as a smart option for club players that seek a complex combination of potential power, spin, and control. Providing a mid-plus 100in2 (645cm2) head, the racquet delivers a relatively balanced playing experience, with good control over shots and decent forgiveness, plus the slightly head light balanced frame adds a bit more speed and handling whilst going for aggressive tactics. The racquet is made from durable graphite and offers a smaller weight at 270g (9.5oz), plus it’s pre-strung with synthetic gut string in an open 16x19 pattern for excellent feel and spin boost. The racquet also comes with a full-length cover for protection against scratching and dust while not playing.

Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls View

Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls

The Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls are ITF (International Tennis Federation) approved and exclusively used and endorsed at the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. These high-quality, performance balls have a premium woven cloth designed specifically for championship play and they use Hydroguard technology to repel up to 70% more water than a standard ball. To suit all styles of play and guarantee consistent performance characteristics, there is Tour Core™ technology. The balls are suitable for all surfaces and to ensure better visibility, they are made using Ultra Vis dye and patented application process. Plus, the Wimbledon balls come in a tube of 4.

Wilson Blade 101L V7.0 Tennis Racket View

Wilson Blade 101L V7.0 Tennis Racket

The Wilson Blade 101L V7.0 tennis racket is best suited to advanced players looking for a blend of power and accuracy. A larger head (652cm2) and a thicker beam (23mm FB) make the racket perfect for big hitters, whereas the use of a Top Grip Taper results in a better feel on two-handed backhand strokes. This performance racket is head light balanced for speedy handling and offers an open, spin-friendly 16x20 string pattern. It weighs 274g (9.7oz) and boasts Parallel Drilling technology delivering a consistent and more forgiving string bed response. Plus, there is Wilson Pro Performance grip ensuring a tacky surface and an ultimate feel, and the racket is supplied strung with an arm-friendly Wilson Sensation string.

Head Ti S6 Titanium Tennis Racket View

Head Ti S6 Titanium Tennis Racket

The Head Ti S6 was first launched in 1996 and is still the best selling tennis racket in the history of Head. The racket is ideal for intermediate players looking for maximum power in an easy-to-manoeuvre light frame that weighs only 225g (7.9oz). The racket utilises the Ti technology which weaves titanium into the graphite construction creating much lighter racket without compromising its stiffness or power offered. The racket’s open 16x19 string pattern is perfect for spin shots and all-court game while its oversized 115in2 (742cm2) head with large sweet spot allows for powerful hits and makes this 27.75” (704.8mm) long racket more forgiving on off-centre hits. Due to the head heavy balance the racket can be a great choice for baseline players with compact to medium stroke styles.

Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0 Mens Tennis Shoes View

Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0 Mens Tennis Shoes

Offering excellent stability and traction on versatile courts, the Wilson Kaos Comp 2.0 men’s tennis shoes weigh around 318g (11.2oz) and ensure proper comfort and enhanced breathability thanks to a synthetic leather upper with smart perforations. Additionally, the shoes feature the 2D-FS technology to ensure a substantial improvement of comfort, as well as added responsiveness and increased stability. In order to improve reaction time, and add more cushioning in the midsole, the shoes feature the Dynamic Fit 2 technology. Additionally, to ensure proper bounce, and increased impact attenuation in the landing phase, the shoes feature the R-DST+ cushioning. Furthermore, the shoes are resistance to abrasion and provide increased gripability thanks to the Duralast rubber outsole.

Head Radical Supercombi 9 Racket Bag View

Head Radical Supercombi 9 Racket Bag

A premium way to commute to your next practice or tennis game is provided with the Head Radical Supercombi 9 racket bag – a stunning choice for experience players with plenty of stuff in need of organisation before and after practice. The bag stores easily up to nine frames and provides enough capacity for all essential items required on the court with two spacious compartments. Additionally, it features separate spots for accessories, personal belongings and smaller items with two large outer pocket with zip closure. Finally, this eye-catching blue and orange themed bag incorporates the backpack carry system for your leisure and alternatively, there is a carry handle if it’s the preferred way of carrying the bag.

Head Lynx Tennis String Set View

Head Lynx Tennis String Set

The Head Lynx tennis string set has been made to offer more responsive touch and excellent control, and is durable even for attacking, aggressive players. The strong co-polymer, monofilament string is 12m (40ft) long and has a gauge of 17 (1.25mm).


Tennis is a well established game, dating back thousands of years when it was a popular activity for monks all over Europe.  Back then it provided the entertainment factor during religious ceremonies.

Its exact place of origin appears to be unknown but the sport differed quite markedly from what we know as tennis today.  For example there was no racket; tennis’ first players used their hands.  Later a leather glove was used and further down the line the sport’s first ‘rackets’ were introduced in the form of wooden handles.

Similarly the balls used at the birth of the game were quite different – stuffed leather spheres which had no bounce and were weightier than their modern day counterparts.  They made the game slower and needed to remain air borne to stay in play.

The game’s scoring system used today originated in France where it was hugely popular in both the 16th and 18th centuries - particularly amongst the nobility.  French players began each game shouting the “Tenez!”, meaning “Play!” and the game soon became known as royal or “real tennis.”

1874 was a breakthrough year for tennis because Major Walter Wingfield acquired the patent rights for the equipment and rules of the game. Wingfield’s court was hourglass shaped and shorter than the modern courts plus his game rules somewhat different, but soon courts were appearing all over the world and it was really the tipping point for the development of the modern game we enjoy today.

If you’re thinking of playing and want to get the most from your game you do need to invest in a quality racket with the right dimensions for you, the correct strings and good grips.  Proper tennis shoes are also crucial, poor footwear both hinders performance and increases risk of injury.  Good balls are also important, so ensure the ones you use have been designed specifically for the sport and are appropriate to your level of play.

There are courts everywhere where you can enjoy a game but if you don’t have an opponent a rebound net is a great way to practise your returns, while a ball machine is even better.  And if you can’t afford a coach of your own there are some excellent instructional DVDs that give you the low down on the techniques that will ensure you improve.

And there’s some great kit available too – the confidence that results from looking and feeling the part should never be underestimated.

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