York Diamond Olympic Barbell Bench View

York Diamond Olympic Barbell Bench

Made to withstand your toughest workouts, the York Diamond Olympic barbell bench offers a strong, robust construction and fast, intuitive adjustments. This multifunctional decline / flat / multi-incline bench is designed to help you build muscle mass, increase strength and bulk up your body. It is adjustable from decline to flat right through to 85° incline to provide greater workout versatility and let you target different muscle groups. A single action incline adjustment enables you to quickly change the backrest position, whilst a 2-position seat and thick padded upholstery with integral lumbar support ensure added comfort and safety during training sessions. The bench is compatible with 7ft bars (84”) and features height adjustable bar racks. It has a maximum weight load of 200kg (441lbs) and can be easily folded for storage thanks to its compact, space-saving design. Please note that curl and leg attachment, weights and bar are not included.

PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells View

PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Powerblock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells provide a comprehensive weight training set for the home gym. The PowerBlock Sport Series can also be useful for personal trainers who provide their own equipment. The dumbells offer tapered handles, wrist supports which feature a more open design offering a larger handle cavity and the dial locks are recessed into the handle. The Sport 2.4 model is equal to and replaces the need for 8 pairs of traditional dumbbells. The weight range is 1.5kg-11kg per hand. The Sport 2.4 cannot be further expanded. The dumbbells are supplied as a pair.

DKN 2, 3 and 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell Weight Set View

DKN 2, 3 and 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell Weight Set

The DKN Vinyl weight set includes 2kg (4.4lbs), 3kg (6.6lbs) and 4kg (8.8lbs) kettlebells with an anti-slip base for added safety and an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip. The set is perfect for developing core and functional strength, toning the muscles, as well as for strengthening the joints. The kettlebells are colour coded for ease of use and offer a strong moulded construction.

DKN 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell View

DKN 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell

The DKN 4kg (8.8lbs) vinyl kettlebell is designed to help you develop functional strength, high levels of muscular flexibility and strengthen the joints. It offers an ergonomically designed comfort handle and has an anti-slip base providing added safety. The kettlebell is supplied with a fully detailed workout chart.

York Warrior Ultimate Multi-Function Weight Bench View

York Warrior Ultimate Multi-Function Weight Bench

The York Warrior Ultimate multi-function weight bench is a versatile, reliable and multifunctional piece of equipment with a space-efficient design and unique folds-flat system. Maximize muscle gains and increase strength with this robust and solid weight bench featuring 3 incline, 1 flat and 1 decline workout positions and a 5-position adjustable backrest to vary your workouts. It is made of thick steel tubing and offers a sturdy platform for total-body workouts. For safe and effective press work, there is a barbell rack with adjustable bar holders and the removable lateral pull down tower can be replaced with the arm curl pad or a 2-position leg developer unit. The bench can be easily converted into a sit up bench and it comes with included spring collars and a colour instructional wall chart.

Fitness Mad Neoprene Wrist and Ankle Weights View

Fitness Mad Neoprene Wrist and Ankle Weights

The Fitness Mad Neoprene wrist and ankle weights are designed for gradual improvement of the workout efficiency in many different routines including cycling, running, martial arts, jogging, or even treadmill jogging. You can easily control the intensity of the training, if there is room for improvement and challenge simply wrap the weights around wrists of ankles. The weights are excellent for fitness and aerobic cardio trainings, and they’re made from durable neoprene, filled with iron sand, as well as ensure comfortable fit due to a Velcro and D-Ring closure.

York 5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball View

York 5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball

The York 5kg double grip medicine ball is easy to clean and has a textured surface providing an anti-slip, firm grip for added safety during workouts. Exercising with a medicine ball is a friendly version of weightlifting and improves your core strength, agility and hand-eye co-ordination. This high quality ball features dual handles for easy and comfortable grip and is made from a durable rubber compound material. It weighs 5kg (11lbs) and is perfect for a variety of exercises including v-ups, overhead slams, bicep curls, tricep extensions and medicine ball push-ups.

Gym Equipment

These days the interior of a gym and all its contents are familiar sights to most.  Die-hard strength trainers visit them daily, regular exercisers might blend gym sessions with group fitness classes while serial periodical toe dippers will venture over the threshold maybe once or twice every once in a while. 
For home & commercial gyms

Commercial gym equipment is generally large as it’s designed to be fixed in one space but advances in technology and lower production costs actually mean commercial quality gym kit is accessible to a growing number of private individuals for their home gyms.

If you’re an individual planning to train at home it’s hugely rewarding and cost effective to invest in some home gym equipment.

The deciding factors are generally budget, how much space you have and how you want to train.  If you’re in a one bedroom flat you’ll probably want a versatile piece of kit that stores easily while giving you the most number of ways to train. But, if you’ve got a garage or a basement to spare, you can create a home gym that offers as much as your local health club, without having to share sweaty equipment or wait in a queue. 

You could try a low space combination of a set of dumbbells and a foldable exercise bench, or if you wanted to lift heavier weights and not compromise your technique, a multi gym can guide you safely through a full range of high-level resistance training. A cheaper space-saving alternative would be a set of kettlebells. The lighter ones can be used first to elevate your heart rate and promote flexibility while the heavier ones will help you to build strength and stamina. 

In addition to the exercise charts, instructional DVDs and instruction booklets which accompany resistance kit, there are countless free tips and professional quality demos online. Even seasoned exercisers will benefit from looking at new techniques and applications of home fit kit to help drive them further. 

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